3 Lesser-Known Benefits of Replacement Windows

replacement windows in Escondido, CA

Still delaying replacement windows in Escondido, CA? It is an expensive project that requires research and preparation. And most homeowners prefer to put up with the inconveniences of older windows, putting off the project as long as they can. What they may not realize how much has changed when it comes to window technology. Thanks to the design and manufacturing, new windows are one more component in the home packed full of features to serve the occupants better than ever. Here are three lesser-known benefits:

1. Easy Maintenance

Windows require care and maintenance to withstand the test of time and perform their best. But how much maintenance? That comes down to the window frame material and the window style. Because of rust, rot, and mold older windows with wood or aluminum frames need to be refinished every few years. This ongoing maintenance is a hassle and a major inconvenience. Luckily most modern windows require much less when it comes to regular maintenance. In fact, most simply require routine cleaning.

Modern aluminum windows have a powder coating meant to last the lifetime of the window. Vinyl windows are UV and water resistant. And fiberglass is another long-lasting frame material with easy care. These windows frames require simple washing with water and mild detergent to keep looking like new. But of course, if you have to climb a ladder to clean the outside, washing can still be difficult. The good news is modern window styles often have tilt-in sashes. The special operation allows you to reach both the interior and exterior glass without having to go outside. Maintenance is quick, easy, and safe.

2. Noise Attenuation

You have probably put your hand on an old window and noticed a significant temperature difference. The glass can feel hot or icy depending on the weather outside. But that isn’t the same experience you will have today. Modern windows feature glazing options with double or triple panes for added insulation. They also have inert gas fills and special coatings to reduce heat transfer. As a result, the interior surface of the glass feels more akin to a wall than a window. These types of advancements reduce drafts and improve energy efficiency. That is well known. But a lesser-known benefit of this type of window construction is sound reduction.

Like heat transfer, modern windows also reduce the transmittance of unwanted noise. Inert gas fills and laminated coatings cut down on vibrations, making the home quieter and more serene. It is something the homeowners noticed right after the window goes in and can make a significant difference for homes near busy traffic, airports, and other public areas.

3. Boosted Home Value

Homeowners are often painfully aware of the high cost of replacement windows. After all, it is the leading reason why they put the project off for so long. But prospective buyers are also aware. In fact, if a home requires replacement windows most buyers will walk away. If you are making immediate plans to sell, getting replacement windows can work to your advantage. Not only will it draw the attention of prospective buyers, but the improvement will boost the value of your home and get a favorable return on your investment.

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