5 Best Replacement Windows to Use in the Bathroom

Choosing the right windows for your home is always a challenge, but even more so when you are choosing new windows to install in the bathroom. The windows in this room have a unique set of requirements that can be difficult to meet with a standard window. When you start shopping for replacement windows in Escondido, CA you want privacy, but also natural light for visibility and ventilation for the high levels of humidity. With that in mind, here are a few styles to consider for your bathroom:

1. Awning Windows

These windows hinge at the top and push outward when you open them. They operate manually or with a crank. The pane of glass creates a small roof over the window opening so you can open it for ventilation, even if it is raining. And because of the way it opens, an awning window can also help you maintain privacy. This is especially true if you decide to get privacy glass on your replacement window.

2. Hopper Windows

These are similar to awning windows, except they hinge at the bottom. They usually come in two different configurations so you can push them out or pull them in to open. And again, the way they open helps you maintain privacy while still taking advantage of the ventilation.

3. Sliding Windows

Another common option to use in bathrooms is a narrow sliding window mounted high up on the wall. The narrow profile makes them great for privacy and daylight. And because they are easy to operate you can easily slide them open for ventilation. And because of the simple design, these windows are a little more affordable than other window styles.

4. Casement Windows

These are another crank operated window. Casement windows hinge to one side and you use the crank to open them outward. But instead of a horizontal configuration, these windows sit vertically. You can crack them open for just a little ventilation. Or you can open the entire window for optimal airflow. These windows don’t give you as much privacy, but you can install opaque glass.

5. Skylight Windows

If you want even more natural light a great option is to install a skylight in the ceiling. This doesn’t take up usable space on the wall and you can install them over the tub or shower and still maintain privacy. That said, these windows don’t open for ventilation, so you will need a different solution for the humidity like an exhaust vent or another window.

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