5 Signs it is Time for Replacement Windows in San Diego, CA

You don’t always have to wait for shattering glass to know when to replace your windows. In fact, most signs you need replacement windows in San Diego, CA are a lot more subtle. Have you noticed a draft? Do you see condensation on the panes? Are your energy bills spiking off the charts? Any one of these could be a sign that your windows have outlived their usefulness. Here are some common signs you can watch for to ensure you get the most out of your windows, and stop wasting money on old windows that are not worth saving.

1. Windows Getting Harder to Maintain
Most people put off window replacement for as long as possible. We get it. It is an expensive home improvement project that takes a lot of time and planning. So instead, homeowners chose to continuously repair the windows they already have. This works for a while, but eventually old windows will become too difficult to sustain. As certain windows get discontinued, finding replacement parts will become more difficult and expensive.

2. Energy Bills Getting Out of Hand
With prices of energy going up every year the last thing you need are leaky windows. Switching out light bulbs, replacing your thermostat, and unplugging power-draining appliances will only get you so far. Over time the seals on your windows fail and develop air leaks. There are options to try and repair the frame and get rid of drafts. But because these problems often come from weather damage, they will continue to happen again and again. It might be time to switch to a more efficient, weather resistant window.

3. Feeling Uncomfortable in Your Own Home
Ever walk into a room and notice a significant increase in temperature? This typically means your windows are letting in a lot of unwanted heat from the sun. Like air leaks, this lack of insulation drives up cooling costs and can make living spaces almost intolerable. Modern window technologies like double glazing, low-e coatings, and inert gas fills block solar heat gains. With replacement windows you can keep south and west facing rooms more comfortable, while still getting plenty of natural light into your home.

4. Hearing Everything that Happens Outside
Noise pollution is something a lot of people don’t really notice until it is gone. Are you barraged by constant noise from traffic, construction, or the neighboring airport? Replacement windows can help. Double pane windows with laminate coatings can reduce exterior noise so you can find more peace and quiet inside your home.

5. Seeing Water Damage
Brown spots, peeling paint, or warping on the sills of your windows are never a good sign. Over time seal failure allows moisture to condense on the windows and to leak into the walls. Not only does the buildup of moisture lead to water damage, it can also cause dangerous mold and rot. If you don’t take care of it the decay will continue to develop and could lead to major structural damage.

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