6 Common Culprits Behind Seal Failure

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Seal failure is common problem homeowners face with old windows. And sadly, a broken seal can expose the home to outdoor elements like moisture and air leaks. Seal failure is often one of the first indications that it is time for replacement windows in Del Mar, CA. But what causes window seal failure? Here are the most common culprits to blame.

1. Poor Installation

Window installation is meticulous work. It involves fitting the window in the frame and balancing it so moisture drains away in proper form. It also includes installing weather-stripping and caulk to form an adequate seal. But a faulty installation can result in premature seal failure and window leaks. This is one of the main reasons why it is so important to find a reliable window professional for installation. They will have the right tools and training from the manufacturer to get the job done right.

2. Weather Damage

Obviously, the natural elements will have an impact on the windows of the home. Most window seals will resist harsh elements, but even the best window seal has limits. And constant exposure to water, ice, salt spray, and other natural elements will damage seals and cause them to lift. This allows wind and water to flow through resulting in even more damage from mold, rust, rot, and all manners of corrosion.

3. Mold Growth

Speaking of mold, moisture damage and mold growth are other common factors in seal failure. Frequent condensation can cause mold to grow around the window seal. If not promptly cleaned, mold will work to obliterate the integrity of a variety of surfaces, finishes, and even adhesives. Even window seals are vulnerable to the impacts of mold growth. Homeowners need to remove mold the moment it is detected.

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4. Extreme Temperature Changes

Windows help protect the home, but all materials are prone to thermal expansion. Unfortunately, not all materials will expand and contract at the same rate. And because windows and frames are rigid, the weather seals are meant to stretch and contract to make up for any discrepancies between the different materials. But prolonged exposure to extreme heat and extreme cold can cause seals to shrink, sag, crack, and even disintegrate. Eventually, seals will separate from the frame.

5. Irregular Maintenance

Homeowners should follow the manufacturer’s directives when it comes to window maintenance. The care instructions are meant to keep the window functioning properly for as long as possible. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not see the care instructions for their home windows and end up neglecting maintenance or performing it improperly. Harsh chemicals, abrasive tools, and pressure washers can all damage window seals and should not be used for window maintenance.

6. Age

Eventually, the materials on the windows will wear out and break down. This is just a fact of life. Some builder-grade windows of lower quality will only last a handful of years before it is time for replacements. Fortunately, homeowners who invest in high-quality windows with fiberglass frames can expect these windows to last for 30 years or more with proper care.

If you are dealing with window seal failure it may be time for replacement windows in Del Mar, CA. Contact our window experts today and schedule a consultation to talk about issues with old windows and if replacement windows are a good option for your home.

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