6 Inspiring and Popular Window Styles

Choosing replacement windows in San Marcos, CA can be difficult. Finding the right combination of material, size, style, and glazing technology is tricky. There are just too many styles and technologies on the market. To help ease the process, here are seven of the most popular window styles we often recommend to our customers:

1. Picture Windows

As a standard, most homes have at least one picture window. These windows are fixed. They not open and close and do not have any moving parts. The simple design makes them more affordable. Homeowners often use these types of windows for expansive views and more natural sunlight. Larger picture windows easily become a focal point in any room. Fortunately, with the right energy-saving technologies, even oversize picture windows will not impact the heating and cooling bill.

2. Horizontal Sliding Windows

Another standard window style is horizontal sliding windows. As the name suggests, these windows feature one fixed panel and one operable panel that slides back and forth. They are simple to use and easy to maintain. Most homeowners install siding windows in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

3. Single or Double Hung Windows

These windows are very similar to sliding windows. Single hung windows have one fixed panel and one operable panel that slides up and down. Double hung windows feature two operable panes. These are a more traditional style, but also .work well with modern design. Commoners often install these types of windows in bedrooms, Living Spaces, and alongside larger fixed windows.

4. Casement Windows

Casement windows hinge to one side and open outward like a door. They come in a wide range of sizes but are typically narrower than sliding windows. This is because the hinges need to be able to support the weight. Homeowners often install casement windows in kitchens, living rooms, and behind furniture. The hand crank operation makes them ideal for harder to reach areas of the home.

5. Bay Windows

Bay windows have a large central window that is not operational. Flanking the larger window are usually two smaller windows that do open and close. They are set on an angle so the window projects outside. These are a stylish option often installed in formal sitting areas, dining rooms, and master bedrooms. Homeowners prefer these windows or breakfast nooks and window seats. Bay windows provide ample light and ventilation.

6. Bow Windows

Homeowners often confused bay windows and bow windows. Bay windows have three panes, and bow windows have four to six panes. And where bay windows are angular, bow windows arc on a gentle curve. Similar to bay windows, bone windows are great for natural light and ventilation. They are also an attractive installation if homeowners are looking to add a focal point to a room.

These are just some examples of the most popular window styles. There are plenty of style options for replacement windows in San Marcos, CA. To learn more about your options visit Pelican Replacement Windows. You can contact us at (760) 598-6422 or visit our showroom location at 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081.

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