6 Signs it is Time for Replacement Windows

replacement windows in Vista, CA

Windows, even the highest quality windows, will not last forever. They will start to wear out because of use and exposure to the elements. Eventually, they will need to be replaced. But this isn’t a project you need to be surprised by. If you pay attention, you will know exactly when it is the right time for replacement windows in Vista, CA.

1. Air Passing Through the Windows

Air leaks are a common problem for old windows. Thermal expansion and contraction can often result in tension between the different materials and gaps will start to form along the seams. To test a window for drafts you can close all exterior doors and windows then switch on all the exhaust fans in your house. Next, light a stick of incense and pass the smoking portion around the window frame. If the smoke pulls noticeably inward you likely have a draft.

2. Chipped or Damaged Window Frames

Old windows can start to fade, crack, warp, dent and rust. And damaged window frames can be a real damper on the curb appeal of your home. Upgrading to new products can have a dramatic impact.

3. Outdoor Noise Pollution

Do you feel like you can hear every noise outside coming in through your windows? This is a common problem when windows age and wear out. Modern products have noise-dampening technologies like insulation and window glazing that will reduce vibrations and restore the peace and quiet inside your home.

4. Condensation between the Panes

If you seem to have a smudge or water droplets on your window that you can’t seem to wipe away, you might have a broken seal on the insulated glazing unit (IGU). Most IGUs have an inert gas sealed between the panes to improve insulation and prolong the life of the unit. Unfortunately, the seals can fail, the gas can be replaced with air, and the window will lose a lot of its insulating qualities. The result is often moisture caught between the panes.

5. Higher Energy Bills

Have you noticed energy bills inching ever higher without an increase in your rates? This often occurs as windows lose their efficiency. The HVAC system has to work even harder to keep your home cool, driving up the cost of your heating and cooling costs. Modern products can offer even better insulation and energy efficiency. They help seal the home so no unnecessary energy escapes.

6. Moisture Leaks

One more problem to look for is moisture leaks or damage. It often starts as slight discoloration. You might notice yellowing around certain parts of the window frame. You might also see bubbling or flaking paint or wallpaper. But the problem can progress to mold or even more serious problems if the window is not replaced and the leak repaired.

While it is true that replacement windows are a big investment, your windows will give you plenty of time to prepare as long as you know what to look for. Take time to add window inspections to part of your regular routine. And if you need replacement windows in Vista, CA contact Pelican Replacement Windows.

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