8 FAQs about Replacement Windows

Because homeowners encounter replacement windows in San Diego, CA only once or twice in their lifetime, it is natural to have a lot of questions. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get from our customers:

How Much do Replacement Windows Cost?
When it comes to replacement windows, no two projects are the same. Each home has unique needs and there are a variety of products on the market to choose from. The best way to get an accurate quote is scheduling an in-home consultation.

What Happens During an In-Home Consultation?
This is a critical first step in getting the right products. During the appointment, the consultant will walk the home and plot out the windows you want to be replaced. Then they will go over materials, styles, colors, functional features, and energy efficiency. Once they answer all your questions you can pin down your needs and wants. Then they take detailed measurements and provide you with a quote for your project.

What is the Best Material for Replacement Windows?
There are several great options on the market today. Vinyl windows are most popular because they are durable, weather resistant, low maintenance and often the most affordable. Wood windows are traditional and beautiful, with great insulation. Aluminum windows are strong, durable, and stylish. Fiberglass windows offer the most versatility, provide great insulation, and have a long lifespan. Ultimately choosing the right window material comes down to your needs, wants, and budget.

Will Replacement Windows Reduce my Heating and Cooling Bill?
Each home is different. But in most cases, homeowners do see a reduction in their heating and cooling costs with replacement windows. Homes with really old, single pane windows see the most dramatic savings.

When is the Best Season for Window Installation?
Most homeowners choose to have their new windows installed in the late spring or early summer. The weather is ideal for installation and work schedules are a little more flexible. That said, you can choose to have your windows installed any time of year.

How Long Does it Take to Install Replacement Windows?
Typically a professional installation team can remove an old window and replace it with a new one in about an hour. A project of 10 to 15 replacement windows will usually bleed over into a second day. But because the team works from window to window, you don’t have to worry about exposing your home to the elements overnight.

Is it Better to Replace All Windows at the Same Time?
Most people replace multiple windows at once because it is often cheaper and more convenient. But you can schedule to just replace just one or two windows if that is all you need.

How do I Prepare for the Installation?
The installation team will come ready with drop cloths, scaffolding, tools, and equipment. They will take every precaution to protect your home and property. Because some demolition is involved, there will be some construction dust and debris. Our team takes care to clean up and only leave behind your replacement windows. That said, you do need to be home to let them in. Also, if you could clear the space around the windows, remove window treatments, and provide easy walkways and access to outlets that will really speed the process along.

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