8 Tips to Get the Outside of Your Home Ready for Fall and Winter

While temperatures remain fairly moderate in the area and hardly drop below freezing, you still want to make sure your home is ready for the changes in seasons. Fall is still a time of transition. It is a great time to clear away all the grime and buildup of summer and get your home ready for a cozy winter. From repairing the roof to getting window replacement in Oceanside, CA, here are a few things you can do outside to prepare for colder weather:

  1. Repair Roof Leaks

Your roof protects your home. After spring and summer, you want to be sure there are no signs of leaks before winter. Check for signs of discoloration along the ceilings on the top floor or in the attic. If you do spot a leak reach out to a roofing company to repair it.

  1. Clean the Gutters

The gutters and downspouts help direct water away from your home and the foundation. They need to be firmly attached to the house and clear of debris. If you notice anything the downspouts or clogged or a piece is missing, repair it right away.

  1. Clean Outdoor Furniture

In Oceanside, CA you have a patio season that can extend well into fall and winter. If your outdoor furniture saw a lot of use in the summer, you might consider giving it a good scrub and maybe some fresh paint.

  1. Trim Back Trees

Do you have limbs and tree branches hovering over your roof? If so, it might be time for some pruning. Cutting back trees in the fall prepares them for the added growth of next spring. It also can limit the risk of breakage and accidental damage to your home.

  1. Add Mulch to Flowerbeds

Adding extra mulch to the flowerbeds in fall has several benefits. It helps protect the soil and plants and provides some insulation in the colder months. It also reduces the growth of weeds.

  1. Clear Debris from Outdoor A/C Unit

If you want your heating and cooling to run efficiently all year long you need to make sure your outdoor unit has three feet of clearance. Dried leaves, grass clippings, dirt, bushes. These can restrict airflow. So while you are tidying the yard preparing for winter, make sure you give your HVAC system a little attention.

  1. CheckWeather Stripping

Have you noticed any light coming through between the door and door frame? This means your weather stripping is not doing a proper job. It is meant to seal your home and prevent air leaks. Simply replacing the weather stripping can save you money on your energy bills.

  1. ApplyWindow Caulking

While you are inspecting your doors you should also look at your windows. If there are signs of seal failure you can apply a layer of caulk for better protection. But if your windows are more than 25 years old it is likely time for replacements.

If you need window replacement in Oceanside, CA call us today at (760) 598-6422. The milder temperatures of fall make it a great time to invest in new windows if you need them. The experts of Pelican Replacement Windows offer the highest level of customer service. You can get great products at a fair price. Stop by 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081.

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