Are Old Windows Dangerous?

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Many homeowners choose to upgrade the windows in their homes to boost curb appeal and improve home values. Windows are an important feature in the home and impact the aesthetics both inside and out. But windows are more than just their looks. Did you know that old windows could also be a hazard to your family? Here are a few dangerous conditions you can avoid by getting replacement windows in Del Mar, CA.

Old Windows are Difficult to Operate

Difficult operation is common for many old windows. This is because as windows age the materials tend to warp, rot, swell, and fall out of the square. This puts tension on the windows and causes them to stick so they do not open or close smoothly. And sticky windows are more than a mere inconvenience. In case of an emergency, homeowners need windows to open and close smoothly so the occupants can use them as an escape. A window that doesn’t open could put family and loved ones at risk.

Old Windows Have Drafts

Windows are meant to help seal and insulate the home against the elements. But again, as windows age the constant shrinking and expanding from temperature fluctuations forms gaps in the assembly. And if the air can readily pass through, homeowners will start to notice drafts in certain areas of the homes. These drafts may not be noticeable on mild days. But when it is freezing outside, the drafts can make the rooms decided uncomfortable and force the HVAC to work overtime.

Old Windows have Moisture Leaks and Mold Growth

The gaps that let in the air can also let in moisture. Leaks are a major problem for old windows. In most cases, signs of leak will be small. Homeowners might notice some slight discoloration or spots. But if the problem continues it can lead to peeling paint, damaged drywall, and ruined floors. Homeowners do not want water leaking into the substructures of the home. And another thing to consider is mold growth. That can lead to several health risks.

Old Windows are Missing Important Safety Features

If windows are more than fifteen years old, homeowners could be missing out on some important safety features. A few advancements include reinforced frames, safety glass, and more robust locks and latches. These features not only improve the safety of windows but also help boost security as well.

replacement windows in Del Mar, CA

Old Windows Could Contain Lead or Asbestos

Hazardous materials are another concern. Toxic materials like lead paint and asbestos were common construction materials in the past. Most homeowners understand the health issues connected to these materials. It is important to get the home tested for these toxins and homeowners should do what they can to rid their home of them.

If you suspect your old windows might be dangerous, it might be time for replacement windows in Del Mar, CA. Contact the experts at Pelican Replacement Windows. They can give you a hassle-free quote on products that will work best for your home.

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