Are Replacement Windows Really Cost Effective?

Windows provide clear views, natural light, and fresh breezes. Unfortunately you might not pay too much attention to them, until there is a problem and you need replacement windows. Truth is, older windows can be more hassle than they are worth. You might not realize the money drain until it is too late. Not sure how faulty windows can impact your budget? Here are a few of the main ways old windows are costing you money.

  1. Increased Energy Costs

Notice any cracks in the glazing or trim on your old, single pane windows? These allow for air leaks, and jack up your heating and cooling costs. Even if the window is intact, single paned glass does little to protect against heat and cold transfer. Replacement windows will better insulate your home and maximize your energy savings.

  1. Unexpected Leaks and Repairs

Older windows require more maintenance and cause more problems. You might have water leaks after heavy rain, rotting window sills, or infestations that allow pests to infiltrate your home. You need to check over your home and windows once every season. Make sure all windows are still intact and performing as they should. You also want to make sure they are structurally sound after any severe weather in San Diego, CA. If there are problems, you will end up paying for repairs time and again. With replacement windows you can rest assured your windows are protecting your home.

  1. Catastrophic Failures

Older windows are more likely to blow in or break during severe weather or other natural disasters. Even the newest windows will not be indestructible, at least not ones most home owners can afford. But modern windows are stronger than ever. High impact windows can withstand wind and earthquake damage, if those are common problems in your area.

  1. Ultraviolet Light

Untreated, clear glass lets in all the UV rays. The harmful rays can cause perpetual damage. Some might include faded artwork, discolored carpets, disappearing photographs, and damaged upholstery. Blind and curtains become brittle and discolored. Repeatedly replacing your furnishings will become quite costly over time. You can save money and your items of value by choosing replacement windows. Manufacturers offer glazes specifically designed to block harmful UV rays.

  1. Productivity

Not many people consider this a cost when thinking about windows. But think about that noisy garbage truck or motorcycle that constantly interrupts your sleep. Not only does the noise make you cranky, but can impact your productivity. Replacement windows not only insulate against heat, but also sound. Those irritable morning will be a distant memory when you get new windows.

  1. Resale Value

Last but not least, old windows can lower the value of your home. Prospective home buyers do not want to see old, leaky windows. Not only are they dysfunctional, but can become unsightly and ruin the curb appeal. Replacement windows typically have an 89% return on investment and allow you to yield a higher price on your home.

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