Are your Windows Too Old?

No home in San Diego, CA can keep windows forever. Houses with older windows eventually have to go through the window replacement process. As you study your windows, you might wonder if they are too old. Here are a few signs to help you answer that question.

Sign 1: Cracked Frames or Panes

The most obvious sign that your windows are too old is a cracked frame or pane. It looks bad and decreases the efficiency of the windows. You will not have good insulation and your air conditioning will seep outside, causing your HVAC system to work harder.

Sign 2: Foggy Glass

If your windows are single-paned, you will not notice this phenomenon. In double-paned windows, you might see a foggy appearance between the panes. This is condensation that is trapped, which indicates a hole in the window that you can’t see. The windows are likely leaking the special gas that helps to improve their efficiency. If there is condensation, they are losing that capability and increasing your energy bills.

Sign 3: Issues Opening and Closing

If you want to open your windows to let in the fresh San Diego, CA air and you have trouble, your windows might be too old. Repeated openings can create grooves and divots in windows. Over time, when you open the window, it puts more stress on the frame and the window sticks.

Sign 4: You Feel Drafts

If you have a drafty home and you know the draft isn’t coming from your air vents, it’s likely your windows are too old. If the wind blows outside and you feel it inside as well, you may have to look into new windows.

Sign 5: Temperature Control is Hard

When it gets chilly outside, you find yourself bumping the thermostat up. When it’s hot, you have to turn it down to maintain the temperature you want. Messing with the temperature and trying to get it just right indicates your windows aren’t doing their job. If you have bad windows, you are spending a lot more money on your utility bills than you should.

Sign 6: Actual Age

If your windows are 10 or more years old, they may already be too old to do a good job. Window technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade. Energy efficiency is at a new height and if you have older windows, you don’t have efficient options working towards lowering your bills.

If you have determined the windows in your San Diego, CA home are too old and you are ready to do something about it, contact Pelican Replacement Windows at 760-598-6422. You are welcome to stop by at 2210 La Mirada Drive, Vista, CA 92081 and talk to our professionals about San Diego, CA replacement windows project. We can go over all of the options with you and help you make the important decisions that will replace your old windows with something new, efficient, and functional. Windows are an important investment and we want to help you get it right. Don’t hesitate to explore our specified webpage for more detailed information.

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