Best Replacement Windows for Popular House Styles

replacement windows in Del Mar, CA

If your home is lacking aesthetic appeal, it could be because your windows our outdated and out of place. It is time to call the experts for replacement windows in Del Mar, CA. The windows need to complement the overall look and design of the home, and if even one new window doesn’t match it will stand out. So here are the five most popular house styles and some of the best windows you can get to match.

1. Ranch House

Rach-style is one of the most iconic architectural styles in the United States. These homes generally feature open-concept floorplans and low-pitched roofs. They are single-story and “U” or “L” shaped. These homes, like a ranch, have a large patio or deck space and feature large windows or sliding glass doors. Picture windows are a great addition to ranch-style homes because they can open up the rooms and provide expansive views of the outdoors. Awning windows and casement windows are also good options.

2. Modern House

As you might have guessed, modern-style homes feature clean, simple lines with minimal ornamentation. These houses tend to be boxy with flat roofs or often feature aspects of asymmetry. They are usually innovative designs and are built from eco-friendly materials. Natural light is a hallmark of modern design. As such, expansive window installations are a common addition to most modern homes. Again, this means picture windows, casement windows, and awning windows are the perfect complement.

3. Colonial House

Colonial homes often have simple, more traditional designs. They are beautiful homes with loads of curb appeal. These homes are usually built with wood, brick, or stone according to the time period and region. They are usually very rectangular and symmetrical in shape. And they often feature multiple stories and columns for the front entrance with rows of windows. Some of the most traditional window styles include single-hung or double-hung windows.

replacement windows Del Mar, CA

4. Tudor House

Tudor-style homes are fairly easy to spot. These often have a steep, gabled roof and half-timber framing on the facades. They have a very medieval feel with all the wood detailing and the fireplaces and chimneys. Typically, the windows and doors in Tudor homes are tall and narrow. Casement windows with square or diamond-shaped grilles to help keep the classic, storybook appeal going.

5. Victorian House

Victorian-style homes borrow a lot of characteristics from English architecture. These houses have complicated, often asymmetrical shapes. They feature curved towers, turrets, or dormers. They also have high-pitched roofs and spindled porches. They are very ornate and colorful, and some even go as far as to include stained glass. The best types of windows for these homes include single or double-hung windows, and bay or bow windows.

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