Best Replacement Windows for the Basement

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Choosing the right windows for the basement can be tricky. The windows have to meet a unique set of standards. They need to be the right size, shape, and operation to meet code. And they also need to be the right style for optimal light, ventilation, and energy efficiency. It sounds like a tall order. Luckily there are several popular replacement windows in Vista, CA to choose from that can fit the bill. A few options to consider include:

Horizontal Sliding Windows

These are a standard in almost every home. Sliding windows have a simple operation. A movable pane slides back and forth along a track, overlapping with a fixed pane. They are easy to operate, clean, and maintain. They also provide a good amount of ventilation and give occupants easy access should they ever need to make an escape during an emergency.

Single Hung Windows

These windows are similar to sliding windows, except tipped on the side. Single hung windows have one operable pane that moves over a fixed pane. They push up to open and pull down to close. These are some of the more traditional window styles and work especially well in partially or fully above ground basements.

Awning Windows

The name for these windows tells you exactly what to expect. The sash hinges at the top of the frame and the bottom pushes outward to open and close. This creates a small roof, or “awning,” over the window opening. They are great for light and ventilation, especially because you can open them on rainy days. And if you choose the right size they can meet building codes for egress windows in bedrooms and other living spaces.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are basically awning windows flipped upside down. These windows hinge at the bottom and the top either pushes out or pulls in to open. These windows are not easy to force open from the outside, and when closed the entire sash locks tight against the frame for a tighter seal. These are not as popular as awning windows because they do not have the added protection of the roof-like window pane. But you might still consider them if you are looking for more modern design.

Picture Windows

Once you meet the requirements for egress windows you might still feel a lack of natural light. This is common for basements where the majority of the walls are fully below ground. Fortunately, you can place smaller picture windows high up on the wall. They will filter in even more natural light and really help lengthen and open up the space in the basement.

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