Best Replacement Windows to Install Over the Kitchen Sink

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In the kitchen, cabinets and countertops take up a lot of wall space and don’t leave much room for expansive windows. This is why a window above the sink is a traditional style aesthetic. But just because windows over the kitchen sink are standard, does not mean your window needs to look like all the others in your neighborhood. At least not with the best replacement windows in Del Mar, CA.

Benefits of a Window above the Kitchen Sink

A window above the kitchen sink makes the room feel more open and relaxed. It also provides extra natural light and quick, easy access to ventilation. And a window over the sink can also be helpful if homeowners need to keep an eye on children playing outside.

The kitchen windows above the sink should be easy to use with little fuss. They should also promote air circulation to help vent humidity and smoke from cooking and cleaning. Kitchen windows should also add to the aesthetics of the space and complement the overall architectural style of the home.

Best Replacement Windows to Install Over the Kitchen Sink

Some of the best styles for windows over the kitchen sink include:

1. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a standard option in many homes. To open and close, one pane slides back and forth over another fixed panel. The functionality of these windows is easy to operate. These windows do not project outside so they will not cause any obstructions. Also, sliding windows are wider than some other window styles, allowing more natural light to come through and fill the kitchen.

2. Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are more traditional. These have two operable panels. The sashes slide up and down in the frame. This unique operation of these windows allows homeowners to open both the top and bottom sashes at the same time. This is ideal for natural ventilation and would work well over a kitchen sink for that very reason.

3. Casement Windows

Casement windows hinge at one side and swing outward to open. They are easy to reach and operate with just one hand, which is good because it can be difficult to reach over a counter and sink. Homeowners might even consider double-sash casement windows. These operate like French doors allowing even more area for ventilation.

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4. Service Windows

If the kitchen sink overlooks the backyard and patio, another great option is to install a service window. It could be a simple sliding window underneath a larger fixed window. Or it could be an oversized awning window that pushes outward giving the indoor occupants a pass-thru window to the outside.

5. Garden Windows

Another great option for windows above the kitchen sink is garden windows. These mini greenhouses make a great addition to the kitchen. You can grow fresh herbs or other potted plants right in your kitchen. They also add a lot of extra natural light.

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