Can’t-Miss Benefits of Sliding Windows

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Sliding windows are popular and have become a staple in almost every home design. And when choosing replacement windows in Del Mar, CA, it is one window style that deserves consideration. Why are these windows so popular? Because they offer numerous benefits unique to this window style. Here are just a few advantages to keep in mind. 

What are Sliding Windows?  

Sliding windows, also known as sliders, gliders, or horizontal sliding windows, have a horizontal orientation. They feature two glass panels—one is fixed and the other slides back and forth on a track inside the frame. These are the advantages of this operational style:

Quick to Install  

Sliding windows have a simple configuration and are easy to install. They do not have as many moving parts or projections—so the task is relatively straightforward. Professional crews can get an old window out and replace it with a new sliding window in just under an hour.

Save Space 

Casement windows, awning windows, bay windows, and bow windows all require some extra outdoor space. Sliding windows do not project beyond the wall in either direction. They simply operate by sliding one panel over the other so they save space inside the home and out. 

Easy to Operate 

New sliding windows are so easy to operate. Simply open the lock and push the panel to one side. It is easy enough that you can do it with just one hand. 

More Natural Light 

Because sliding windows have a horizontal orientation, they are usually wider openings. And because most of the weight rests at the bottom of the frame, there is no concern for weight-bearing hinges and sliding windows can come in larger sizes. This is perfect for getting more natural light into the home. 

Unobstructed Views replacement windows Del Mar, CA

Another benefit of this larger window installation is the unobstructed view. You can really capitalize on blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living with sliding windows. 

Increased Ventilation  

Bigger windows also mean bigger window openings. Sure, with sliding windows you can only ever access half of the opening, but this still provides plenty of natural ventilation. Open the window just a crack for a slight breeze, or slide them all the way open to help clear out stale or humid air. 

Low Mechanical Maintenance  

Sliding windows do not have a lot of complex parts like hand cranks or springs and balances. This means there is less that can break down and cause trouble. As long as you keep the track clear of debris, and clean and lubricate it on occasion, these windows will work for years to come. 

Removable Sash 

Looking for a window style that provides easy cleaning and maintenance? Most sliding windows feature a removable sash. This means you can take at least one side of the glass panels out. And you can clean the inside and the outside without having to climb up on a ladder. 

Install in Any Room in the House 

Sliding windows are such versatile window styles. They work in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. If you are ready to get serious about replacement windows in Del Mar, CA contact us today. We can help you find the right window for your project.

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