Caring for Replacement Windows

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Getting replacement windows in Del Mar, CA is a fun and exciting home improvement. It is also a large investment and homeowners want to do all they can so their windows will last a long, long time. It all comes down to the proper care and maintenance of new windows. Here are some tips to follow to keep windows looking new and operating in peak condition.

Window Inspections

Inspections should quickly become part of any home maintenance routine. Homeowners should check their windows for signs of damage, rust, rot, or broken glass. They should also watch out for more subtle signs like water damage, condensation between the glass, and any discoloration. During the inspection, homeowners should test the operation of the windows as well, to make sure everything is still working smoothly.

Washing the Frame

After a quick inspection, it is time to wash the window frames. There is no need for special cleansers, harsh chemicals, or power washers. Using these products can cause damage to the windows so they wear out and break down a lot faster. Instead, homeowners can use a mild detergent, like dish soap, and some water to help wipe down the frames and remove any residue. Rise with clear water and dry immediately so the moisture doesn’t seep down into the window assembly.

Cleaning the Glass

It is also important to clean the glass on new windows. Again, no need for fancy and expensive products. A generic glass cleaner or some mild detergent will work just fine. On the outside, homeowners can use a squeegee to remove the cleaner. On the inside, homeowners should use a lint-free cloth to polish the glass to a beautiful shine.

Rinsing the Screens

Screens are part of window maintenance homeowners often forget. But it is important to periodically remove and clean the window screens. Homeowners need to remove the screens gently and lay them out on a flat surface so they do not dent or tear. Then, with a soft bristle brush and some mild soap, they can wash the screens and rinse until the water runs clear. Allow the screens time to dry all the way before inserting them back inside the frame.

Cleaning the Trackreplacement windows in Del Mar CA

Cleaning out the track should also be part of regular window maintenance. Homeowners can remove the loose debris with the hose and brush on a vacuum. For anything caught in the track, they can try to dislodge it with a plastic putty knife so they don’t scratch the finish.

Lubricating the Moving Parts

Once everything is clean, it is time to lubricate the track and hinges for easy operation. Do not spray the silicone lubricant directly onto the track, or the overspray could get on the glass or frame. Instead, homeowners need to spray directly into a rag and wipe down the track and hinges.

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