Checklist for Replacement Window Shopping

replacement windows San Marcos, CA

If you are shopping around for replacement windows in San Marcos, CA you know there are so many different options and decisions to make. It can get overwhelming, especially considering how big an investment new windows can be. The last thing you want to do is forget something important. So here is a quick checklist to help keep your shopping on track:

1. Operation Types

A lot of homeowners start by choosing the type of style window they want. This is more than just aesthetics. The style also dictates the size, shape, and function of the windows. Fixed windows do not open or close and come in almost any shape and size. Next, there are sliding windows like horizontal sliding windows, single hung windows, and double hung windows. Then there are hinged windows like casement windows, awning windows, and hopper windows. There are also projection windows like bay windows, bow windows, and garden windows. Lastly, there are specialty type windows like pivoting windows, jalousie windows, and skylights.

2. Frame Material

Frames on replacement windows come in different materials, each one offering unique advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl windows are some of the most common because they are durable, weather resistant, energy efficient and affordable. Aluminum windows are another common option because they are strong, impact resistant, versatile, and affordable. Wood windows are a step up when it comes to aesthetics, insulation, and price. Lastly, fiberglass windows offer strength, durability, style, and insulation, but often come at the highest price tag.

3. Design Options

Once you decide on a frame material you will have a better idea which design options are available to you. Vinyl only comes in limited colors and finishes because the material is not paintable. The frames are a bit wider and you can usually choose a smooth or a faux-wood finish. Aluminum windows are thinner and come in a wide range of anodized finishes. These are great if you want a more modern style. Wood and fiberglass are both paintable materials, so you can customize your products and refinish them however you choose. These are the best options if you have a unique color to match the style of your home.

4. Glazing Technology

The last thing to think about is the type of insulated glazing unit (IGU) you want for your windows. The standard is two panes of glass. But you can get IGUs with triple or even quadruple glazing. Other options to consider include safety glass, laminated coatings, and Low-E glazing. Combining the right technologies will ensure you get the most energy efficient windows possible for your local climate.

It is important to make informed decisions when choosing replacement windows in San Marcos, CA. For more help finding the right products feel free to contact us at (760) 598-6422. The professionals at Pelican Replacement Windows make sure to put the customer first. You can get a free estimate without the pressure to buy. To check out some of our top of the line products visit us at 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081.

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