Choosing a Size for Replacement Windows

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When shopping for new windows, most homeowners tend to get replacements that are the same size as their old windows. It takes some of the pressure off the decision making process and it is so much easier when installers do not have to adjust the rough opening. That said, there are plenty of cases when homeowners want new windows in a different size. How do they go about finding the right size replacement windows in El Cajon, CA?

Windows play an important role in three aspects of the home: appearance, comfort, and connection to the outside world. And it will be hard to ignore when the size and placement of a window are miscalculated making a room too bright, too warm, or stultifying stale. Unfortunately, there are no hard rules or formulas to follow when choosing the size of replacement windows. There are things like building codes to follow and the structural design of the home to consider, but these still allow for a lot of leeways. That means homeowners do not have to be bound by standard sizes or tradition. Choosing the right size just depends on how they want their home to look and how they want their windows to function.

1. Appearance

Most homeowners think they are bound by the iconic style of their home. But it is important to remember that early architectural styles often originated in times when walls were not insulated, HVAC systems were not invented, and glass didn’t come in pieces larger than a dinner plate. The early builders of traditional homes didn’t forgo picture windows because of choice. They simply didn’t have access to the technology. So, an expansive picture window doesn’t have to be reserved for only modern houses. It can be used strategically in other architectural designs with great effect. This is why many “traditional” homes built today have elements from several architectural styles.

2. Comfort

Large windows that give your home a sense of visual identity and scale on the outside don’t always work well for what is happening on the inside. It is more important to think of how certain rooms are used and their orientation to the sun. For example, large windows are great for light, but terrible for privacy and aren’t ideal in the bathroom. Also, east and west-facing windows get low angle sunlight, which can be blinding and troublesome in rooms meant for working on the computer or watching television.

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3. Connection to the Outside

Many homeowners like to use windows to blur indoor and outdoor living. But you have to pick the size of your windows and their spots wisely. Many street-scapes are not the most appealing and hardly worth bringing inside. But views of the yard, trees, or the sky can have a huge impact on the appeal of a room. Homeowners need to make sure their windows capture the views they value most, specifically in the rooms where they will be spending the majority of their time.

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