Choosing the Right Size for Replacement Windows

Windows in the home provide views, regulate temperatures, and can help contribute to energy efficiency. Because they are so important, you want replacement windows in San Marcos, CA to perform at an optimal level. Much of that function comes down to the size of replacement windows. Fortunately, when choosing new windows you are not stuck with the same size as the old windows. Installers can make the window opening smaller or larger depending on the products you choose. But how do you find the right size for your new windows? These are things to keep in mind.

Building Codes

While the possibilities might seem endless, some building codes may restrict your options. It is important to understand the city’s regulations when it comes to installing windows in your area. That way you can make sure the size and function of your new windows meet those standards. For that, you will want to talk with a local window professional before making any final decisions.

Architectural Style

Windows impact the aesthetics of the home both inside and out. The right windows can boost curb appeal and increase the value of the home. But the wrong windows can do the opposite. You want to find window sizes and styles that complement the overall architecture. For example, a row of oversized windows would look out of place on a Victorian style home but would be a great match for a more modern architectural style.

Window Sill Height

The next thing to consider is the sill height, or how far the bottom of the window is off the ground. Most building codes recommend a height no more than 44 inches for egress windows. That is because they provide an exit in cases of emergency, and occupants should be able to climb up and out without too much restriction. Once you determine the sill height it is easier to determine the head height on replacement windows.

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Window Head Height

When it comes to deciding on height, there are a few restrictions. Head height is how close the window is to the ceiling. The higher the window, the more natural light. But leaving too little space between the window head and the ceiling will not leave much room for window a curtain rod. Also, not all window styles can reach all the way to the ceiling.

Width to Height Proportion

Window design often dictates the ration of the window’s width to height. Sliding windows are usually wider than they are tall. But casement windows are usually taller than they are wide. That is because of the operation and functionality of these different windows. So once you have a window size in mind, you should try and find a window style to match that size.

For help finding the right size for replacement windows in San Marcos, CA, consider calling Pelican Replacement Windows. Our experts understand local building codes. They can walk you through the pros and cons of different window styles and help you find the right window size to fit your home and meet the regulations.

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