Do Black Window Frames Fade?

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Windows are an essential part of the design and aesthetics of the home. They become a focal point both inside and out. And new windows can boost curb appeal and increase the value of the home. But what style of windows are right for the home? Black replacement windows in El Cajon, CA are becoming increasingly popular, leaving a lot of homeowners considering the option.

Today, many homeowners struggle to choose between black or white window frames. This is because black window frames have a dramatic impact on home design. But black frames tend to generate a lot of concerns. Though they look great, homeowners worry about fading, warping, heat transfer, and durability. Here are the things to know about black window frames on replacement windows.

Do Black Window Frames Fade?

Over time, black construction materials are known to fade. The same can be said for dark window frames. Damage from UV rays often makes the colors fade and window materials brittle. This is especially true for lower-grade materials. And unfortunately, when the finish becomes dull, it isn’t easy to restore the vibrancy. That is why it is important to choose high-quality products. The better quality windows will not fade as quickly. This is because manufacturers use powder coating on fiberglass windows, baking the color directly into the material. This way colors stay vibrant and can last for 20 years or more with proper maintenance.

Do Black Window Frames Warp?

When shopping for new windows, warping is another common concern, especially for coastal areas. This is because excessive heat and moisture can distort the surface of window frames. The material will soften and begin to sag. Not only does this impact the aesthetics of the windows, but can also hinder the operation and efficiency. And because black absorbs UV light, many homeowners worry that black frames are more susceptible to damage and warping. Fortunately, with black fiberglass windows, there is no need to worry. The material does not deform, even after prolonged exposure to heat and moisture.


Do Black Window Frames Get Hot?replacement windows El Cajon CA

Once again, black absorbs heat. And in warmer climates, homeowners worry about heat transfer. Energy efficiency is important, especially in California. And while it is true, black windows tend to absorb more heat than white windows, Milgard fiberglass windows provide exceptional energy performance. These windows can still protect the home against heat gains, especially when black frames are paired with Low-E glazing units.

Do Black Window Frames Last?

Yes! Fiberglass window frames are known for optimal performance. The material will not warp, rot, rust, or corrode. Basic maintenance involves keeping the frames clean with mild detergent, water, and a lint-free cloth. With proper care, homeowners can expect their black fiberglass windows to easily last for 20 years or more.

Do you think you might want to give black-framed windows a try on your home? Then you should check out the Milgard Ultra Series. These fiberglass windows come in a range of finishes so you can find the right combination of color and performance for your home. Ready for a hassle-free quote on replacement windows in El Cajon, CA? Contact Pelican Replacement Windows today.

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