Do I Need Triple Glazing on Replacement Windows? 

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Double glazed windows (two panes of glass) have been around for decades and are the standard for most window manufacturers. They help increase insulation, noise reduction, and security. But they are not the only option on the market for replacement windows in San Marcos, CA. Triple glazed windows (three panes of glass) are also available. But will they overtake the market? While there are some benefits to triple glazed windows, a lot of consumers do not think the added cost is worth it. Here is what you need to know about double vs triple glazing.

1. Insulation

Double glazed windows have two panes of glass separated by a spacer and sealed around the edges. And the airspace between the panes if filled with argon, a noble gas with more density than air. This helps improve the energy efficiency of these products. Triple glazed windows have three panes of glass and two airspaces. Some have argon, but most have krypton because it works better in the thinner profile. What this means is triple glazed windows do offer better energy performance. That said, it usually only improves performance by about 20%. Because they do better at preserving energy inside the home, they tend to be better suited to colder climates.

2. Security

Just like heat gains, the extra layer of glass also helps protect your home. It is one more layer intruders would have to struggle to break through before gaining admittance to your home. So for that, triple glazed windows do provide extra safety and security to the home.

3. Condensation

Some people would argue that because triple glazed windows are heavier the seals on these insulated glazing units (IGUs) would fail faster. This isn’t true. In fact, condensation between the panes is less likely to occur on triple glazed windows.

4. Natural Light

Here is where the comparison might start to fizzle. When it comes to natural light, triple glazed windows end up blocking a little bit more of it. This is good for insulation, but not as much for aesthetics. And while the difference is slight, if you want to capitalize on natural light in your home, this would be an important factor to consider. But if you are looking to block out the light in some areas of your home, the extra glass and surfaces could prove to be a benefit.

5. Noise Pollution

Some window labels will provide a sound transmission coefficient (STC) so you can compare products for soundproofing. This may come as a surprise, but there is actually very little difference between double and triple glazed windows when it comes to the STC. If you are really looking to soundproof your home you should consider different types of laminated glass, because that actually works better at cutting down vibrations.

There is a lot to consider when comparing double or triple glazed replacement windows in San Marcos, CA. Weighing the benefits can be intimidating. If you want help contact Pelican Replacement Windows. We can help you find the best possible products for your needs and your budget.

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