Do I Want Bay or Bow Replacement Windows?

Projection windows are a way to add instant appeal to a room and boost the curb appeal of your home. But if you are just starting to research these options you might not know much about the differences between these two styles or which option works best for your home. So here are some things you should know if you are considering bay and bow replacement windows in Escondido, CA:  

What are Bay Windows?  

Bay windows are a combination of three windows angled out beyond the exterior wall. Most often the unit includes a larger picture window flanked by two smaller, operable windows.   

What are Bow Windows?  

These projection windows feature four or more windows set on a curve. They can be all picture windows or all operable windows.  

Advantages of Bay and Bow Windows 

Homeowners enjoy bay and bow windows because of the:   

  1. Extended View

Because these windows protrude outside the wall occupants can see a better view of the outside. This is beneficial if you have a beautiful front or backyard to enjoy.   

  1. Natural Light

Along with view, these projection windows also catch light from various angles and can illuminate the space more throughout the day.   

  1. Ventilation 

Bay and bow windows both foster natural ventilation, allowing for cross breezes to pass through and move the air throughout the room.   

  1. Increased Home Value

Replacement windows are some of the best investments you can make in your home. They have the highest rate of return of almost any home improvement projects. This is especially true of bay and bow windows.   

  1. Extra Space

Not only does it increase value, but also increases the functional living space. These windows add some extra square footage to the home which can be valuable for storage, seating, and much more.   

Disadvantages of Bay and Bow Windows 

Along with the benefits come a few setbacks, including:  

  1. Difficult Dressing

Because of the curves and angles, these window styles can be difficult to dress. Curtains and drapes are especially difficult. Most homeowners decide to use roll down shades to keep the window looking clean and simple.   

  1. Cost

Because bay and bow windows are large, heavy, and more complex to install they are also some of the most expensive window styles on the market.   

  1. Structural Support

The weight of projection windows can cause structural damage if your home is not built to support them. That is why hiring professional installation crews is critical if you want these replacement windows done right.   

Where Can I Install Bay and Bow Replacement Windows?  

Most people choose these statement windows for formal living areas or master bedrooms. But really they can work in other areas too, like offices, libraries, or even as a unique tub surround in the bathroom. With modern window technologies like low-E coatings and privacy glass, you can choose to install these windows almost anywhere.   

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