Do I Want Casement Replacement Windows?

Choosing the style for replacement windows in San Diego, CA can be a complicated decision. Each operation type has different functions, applications, and aesthetics. Comparing your options is the best way to find products that match your vision and expectations. Casement windows are a popular option and for good reason. Here is what you need to know about these windows:  

What are Casement Windows?  

These windows hinge to one side and swing outward, much like a door. Most feature latches on the side and operates on a hand crank. They work as standalone windows, or you can partner them with other window styles as part of a larger installation.   

Benefits of Casement Windows 

Here are a few of the advantages you get with casement windows:  

Energy Efficiency 

When these windows are latched closed they are some of the most efficient options on the market aside from picture windows. They form a tight compression seal that only tightens when the window blows against them. If you choose to install these windows they can prevent air leaks and help reduce the cost of heating and cooling.   


These windows open fully, the entire pane moving away from the opening. You can choose to crack them for just a light breeze or open them all the way for optimal ventilation. Best of all, these windows open on an angle and can catch sidelong breezes that blow along the exterior of the house.   


The locks on casement windows are embedded in the frame. This makes them more difficult to break into. This type of safety and security is important to many homeowners.   


These windows are often smaller but do not require grilles or muntins for structural support.  

This means you can enjoy a complete unobstructed pane of glass with nothing to mar your view. If you like larger window installations you should consider installing casement windows alongside a larger picture window. That is a great way to get an amazing view and better ventilation.   

Disadvantages of Casement Windows 

Along with all the advantages come a few disadvantages, including:  


While not the most expensive windows on the market, casement windows do cost more than picture windows and sliders. That said, the final cost of replacement windows depends on size, material, glazing technology, and placement.   


These windows have more mechanics than most with latches, hinges, cranks, and locks. The operation may be simple, but these pieces can wear out and break down making maintenance a little more difficult. Not to mention cleaning casement windows. You cannot access the outside glass from inside the home.   

Size Limitations 

Casements windows cannot be too wide, otherwise, the weight of the glass would pull too harshly on the hinges. This also means these windows are not well suited for window mounted air conditioning units.   

Where Should I Install Casement Windows?  

Casement windows can work in any room in your home. Most people choose to install them in living areas, bedrooms, and kitchens. They work especially well in hard to reach areas behind sinks or couches. This is because the crank makes them easy to open, even with just one hand.   

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