Do I Want Single Hung or Double Hung Windows?

Because it is a coastal climate, windows in Solana Beach, CA don’t usually last more than 25 years. You might one day look at your windows and notice they are starting to get old and worn. It might be time for replacement windows. And with that decision also comes an opportunity to change the window style to better match the style and functionality you want for your home. It is a big decision, and because windows are a large investment you want to have as much information as you can about your options. So here is what you should know about single hung and double hung windows:   

Single Hung Windows vs Double Hung Windows 

When most people picture a window in their mind, they invasion these window styles. These are some of the oldest, most traditional windows on the market. Single hung windows feature two sashes, where the bottom sash is operable and moves up and down over the fixed top sash. On double hung windows both sashes move up and down and often tilt in as well.   

Pros and Cons of Single Hung and Double Hung Windows 

A few of the advantages of disadvantages of these window styles include:  


Single hung windows are often popular because of cost. They are more affordable than double hung windows, the difference in cost being anywhere from 10 to 20 percent. Installation costs on single hung windows are also cheaper. That might not seem like much when replacing a single window but can make a great difference when you think about replacing a dozen or so windows.   

Cleaning and Maintenance 

Single hung windows are not as easy to clean. The bottom sash might tilt in, but you will still need to access the upper sash from the outside. Double hung windows often feature a tilt in option on both sashes. This makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.   


Both window styles offer great ventilation, but double hung windows are slightly better. They open from the top and bottom. This means cool air can come in through the bottom while warm, humid air gets pushed out the top. This natural ventilation is great for generating more airflow, getting rid of humidity, and unwanted odor.   

A/C Friendly 

If you need window-mounted air conditioners, these window styles are an ideal choice. Because they slide up and down to open and close, they can safely house A/C units in place.   

Energy Efficiency 

The most efficient window styles are usually fixed windows with no breaks. Next would be casement windows because the entire pane locks against the frame when shut. Next would probably be single and double hung windows. Because of sash operation, these windows are not as air-tight. That said, modern advancements have made these windows more efficient than ever.   

Where can I Install Single and Double Hung Windows?  

These windows can work well in almost any room in the house. Homeowners commonly use these window styles in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. They also work well when flanking a larger picture window so you can get a great view, natural light, and some ventilation.   

Find a Reliable Contractor for Single and Double Hung Windows 

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