Do You Know What Qualities to Look for in Vinyl Replacement Windows?

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Vinyl is versatile, affordable, and weather resistant. It provides excellent insulation and requires very little maintenance. The material will not dent, scratch, warp, or fade. With so many benefits it is no wonder vinyl has quickly become one of the most popular frame materials across the states. That said, you need to be careful when shopping for vinyl replacement windows in El Cajon, CA. Not all manufacturers produce high quality vinyl products. You want to be sure you are getting great value, not just a great deal. So here are the things to look for in top quality vinyl windows:  

Check for Multiple Chambers 

Most modern window frames feature multiple interlocking chambers. Not only does the chambers help add structural stability, but installers also fill these chambers with insulating foam. This creates even better energy efficiency. And the more chambers a vinyl window frame has, the stronger and more efficient it is. So before you purchase vinyl windows make sure you have the chance to look at a cross-section of the product to see exactly what is happening inside that window frame.   

Look for Thicker Material 

While looking at the cross-section of the window frame, you should also take note of the material’s thickness. Thicker vinyl means stronger, more durable, and more efficient windows.   

Watch for Welded Corners 

Some vinyl windows still have corners held together by brackets and screws. Unfortunately, this method does not form a strong bond and the seals quickly break down. A better solution is welding. This turns two separate pieces of vinyl into one seamless piece. Welding the corners creates a stronger bond and a tighter seal that is nearly unbreakable. Some manufacturers weld the seam together with such precision you can’t even see where the frames pieces join together. That is how you know you have a quality product.   

Inquire about Quality Ingredients 

Each manufacturer uses a unique combination of additives when producing their vinyl. That is the disadvantage of a polymer. Common ingredients include fillers, pigments, plasticizers, and chemicals. In quality vinyl, you should also see the use of titanium dioxide and organic tin. These additives keep the vinyl from yellowing or warping in the sun so your vinyl windows can last longer than ever.   

Research High Energy Ratings 

Energy labels are provided by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). They test windows and doors according to certain requirements and rate the products according to their energy performance.  Basically, these labels tell you how well the products will perform in a certain climate. Then you can compare different window styles and frame materials, choosing the best fit for your needs.  

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