Do Your Windows Open and Close?

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When windows start to get old and wear out you might start noticing a few signs of age. Leaks, moisture damage, and higher energy bills can all be the result of old windows. This means it is probably time for replacement windows in El Cajon, CA. Old windows can also be extremely difficult to open and close. This can be more than a mild inconvenience. Egress windows, which should act as a way of escape in the event of an emergency, should open and close smoothly with very little effort. If these windows get stuck it could be the difference between life and death. Here are a few things homeowners can try to solve the problem of sticky windows.

Clean and Lubricate

A sticky window could be the result of too much residue or buildup on the hinges or in the window track. And windows that see a lot of use often tend to break down more quickly. One thing homeowners can do is clean the track. Vacuum away debris and remove any lodged dirt with a plastic putty knife. Once the track is clear, homeowners can use a silicone lubricant to help smooth the track or hinges. Simply spray the lubricant onto a cloth and use it to wipe down the surfaces. Then open and close the window repeatedly to help spread the lubricant to all the moving parts. This should help ease operation and prolong the life of the windows.

Check the Paint

Windows might also get painted shut. This usually happens on accident during home renovation projects. If the painting was part of a recent update, check to make sure all the windows still open and close smoothly. If the paint has dried and a window is sealed shut, use a putty knife to help break the paint seal and release the window. It might take some small touchups to sand and repaint the windows so they are not sealed.

replacement windows El Cajon, CA

Look for Issues with the Foundation

Another reason why windows get stuck is because of a sinking foundation. As the foundation of the home settles it can put excessive strain on the framework of the home. And if this causes a window to shift or tilt out of alignment, it could impact the operation of the window. A problem with the foundation of the home is not something homeowners should wait on. Homeowners will want to address the issue as soon as possible before a major problem occurs.

Hire a Window Professional

Sometimes the reason for sticky window operation isn’t obvious. If homeowners have tried cleaning and lubricating the window and the window isn’t painted shut, it might be time to call in a professional to come and take a look at the hardware or the operational system. In some cases, window professionals can make repairs to keep a window operating. However, if a window is old, it might be better to just invest in replacement windows.

Invest in New Windows

Most windows only last about 10 to 15 years before they need to be replaced. So if a home has windows that are getting up there in years, it might be time for an upgrade. Replacement windows in El Cajon, CA will operate smoothly with no fuss. Call our experts today to talk about your options on new products.

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