Don’t Use These Excuses to Put Off Replacement Windows

replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA

Homeowners make all kinds of excuses when it comes time to get new windows. What homeowners often don’t realize is that putting the project off for too long will end up costing them more in the long run. These are some excuses you should never use if you know it is time for replacement windows in Del Mar, CA.

1. My Old Windows Aren’t That Bad

Sure, no one can predict when windows are going to go bad. It can happen at any time, and for several different reasons. That said, most builder-grade windows do not last more than 15 years. Most will start to leak, wear out, break down, or get stuck after about ten years. This is about the time you should start thinking about investing in the future and getting new windows for your home.

2. Now Isn’t the Best Season for Window Installation

It is true, there is a peak season for window installation. Most homeowners want to get this project done in the summer when the weather is nice and they have an easier chance of getting time off work. But summer isn’t the only time you can get replacement windows. Professional installation crews can install new windows any time of year. And they will take precautions to protect your home from the elements, rain or shine. This is not a good reason to avoid replacement windows. In fact, choosing to get new windows in the off-season could save you some stress, time, and money.

3. Condensation Isn’t a Problem

The occasional condensation on the exterior surfaces of the windows is not a major problem. It is simply the result of warm, humid air inside bumping up against the cold surface of the glass. This type of condensation will usually dissipate without any effort. But condensation trapped between the panes of glass is cause for concern. This means the seals on the insulated glazing unit have failed. The inert gas has leaked out and these windows will no longer provide optimal insulation.

replacement windows in Del Mar, CA

4. We Don’t Have Time to Buy and Install New Windows

There is no getting around this one. Investing in replacement windows will take time. You need time to research and review companies and products. You also need to set aside time for the installation so you can be onsite in case the crew has questions or problems. But all of that time will be well spent when you are enjoying your new windows.

5. We are Moving Soon Anyways

Are you planning on listing your home? Then this is no excuse. In fact, investing in replacement windows is one of the best home improvements you could do. New windows will attract the eye of potential buyers and will help increase the value of the home. If you want the best return on your investment, then you want to get replacement windows.

Still not sure you are ready for replacement windows in Del Mar, CA? That is ok. You can get a commitment-free quote from Pelican Replacement Windows and take the time to decide if now is the right time.

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