Excuses People Make to Avoid Getting Replacement Windows

replacement windows in Del Mar, CA

Some homeowners are proactive about a lot of home improvement projects, but when it comes to getting replacement windows in El Cajon, CA they will do almost anything to avoid it. To put off purchasing new windows they make excuses, even if new windows might be necessary. Here are some of the most common reasons people use as excuses to avoid getting replacement windows:


My Old Windows Aren’t That Bad

Most people argue their windows are still in decent condition and decide they can last a few more years. What they may not realize is keeping outdated windows in place will not do them any favors. Most standard-grade windows are built to last about ten to fifteen years. As they age they start to develop seal failure, leaks, and other types of damage. Signs of an outdated window include warping, rotting, difficult operation, and moisture damage.


Condensation Isn’t a Problem

For the most part, it is true, condensation isn’t a problem. Certain windows in the kitchen, bathroom, or utility room may fog due to humidity and temperature fluctuations. This is common and usually dissipates. But certain types of condensation are a concern. For example, windows that constantly fog over to the point where moisture seeps into the frame and causes damage. Or if condensation forms between the panes, it means there is a broken seal.


I’ll Wait for Better Weather to Get New Windows

Some homeowners want to hold out for a better season before deciding to get replacement windows. But what often happens is instead of making the investment they forget or just keep finding reasons to put it off. While spring may be the most popular time to get new windows, installers can get the job done any time of year.


I Don’t Have Time to Buy and Install Replacement Windows

People are busy with work, and family, and plenty of other things. It is easy to think that getting replacement windows will be too time consuming. But really, the retailer does most of the heavy lifting. All homeowners need to do is choose the products and let the professionals take the project from there. Crews work quickly and can complete an entire project in just a couple of days.

replacement windows in El Cajon, CA


I’m Moving in a Few Years, so Why Bother?

Some homeowners are not planning to stay in the home much longer, so what is the point in getting new windows? The truth is, replacement windows are a great investment if homeowners plan to sell in the next couple of years. New windows are a draw to prospective buyers and will get a great return on the investment.


I Can’t Afford New Windows

Yes, new windows are a large investment up front. It can be intimidating to try and pay outright with cash. Fortunately, most companies offer financing options. Also, design and installation professionals can help find products to fit in a homeowner’s budget and still provide the benefits they are looking for.


If you have older windows and need replacement windows in El Cajon, CA, don’t make excuses. Putting off the project can cost you more in the long run. Contact the experts at Pelican Replacement Windows for help.

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