Feel a Draft? You Might Need Replacement Windows

Air infiltration is a big problem, and happens to many homeowners. Granted, the climate in San Diego, CA is fairly mild, but the colder months are quickly approaching. You don’t want to be stuck with drafty, leaky windows. They make your home an uncomfortable place to live. Not to mention, money is literally flying out the window. You need a permanent solution, and fast. At Pelican Replacement Windows, we can help solve your problem with air and moisture leaks.

What Causes Air Leaks in Windows?

No home is going to be completely air tight. Regardless of you windows’ age, there will always be some level of air infiltration. This is natural and eliminates the buildup of excessive moisture and toxic carbon dioxide. However, problems can arise when you have too much air infiltration. It not only leads to unnecessary cooling and heating costs, but also makes your home uncomfortable.

In older windows, the glazing and seals get brittle and break down. The sashes can warp, shrink, or wear out. Even the gaskets and weather stripping of newer windows can degrade over time. Older window panes are also not as energy efficient. All these problems can leave the glass rotting in place and make your home feel chilly.

Detecting Air Leaks in Windows and Doors

To perform a home air pressure test you will need to look closely at all windows, doors, and skylights. First, seal off your home by locking all windows and doors. Next, close all the vents and dampers. To test for leaks, turn on all the kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans. This sucks outside air into your home. Now, light a burning incense stick and pass it along the openings. Scan all windows, doors, fireplaces and even outlets to see where air rushes in.

Do I Really Need Replacement Windows?

There are some cases where you can repair broken window seals with new caulking or weather stripping. However, consider the condition and age of your windows. If they are decades old, then you are missing out on the more advanced energy saving technologies of modern windows. Today, you can get double and triple paned replacement windows in San Diego, CA. They will make all the difference in air infiltration problems.

Why Rely on the Professionals?

Many homeowners will try and tackle replacement widows on their own. What they do not understand is that window replacement is taxing work. Plus, if windows are not installed properly, you could still have substantial air leaks and void any factory warranties. Professional installation is hands down the best way to go. It’s more efficient and effective, not to mention safer and faster.

At Pelican Replacement windows, we offer great prices on some of the best, most energy efficient brands available. We also ensure seamless installation by our licensed and insured crew members. You can get more specific information on our products by calling us at 760-598-6422 or visiting our business in 2210 La Mirada Dr, Vista, CA 92081.

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