Get Light Control with Replacement Windows

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Natural light is an important feature in the home. It can make a small room feel larger and more welcoming. It can foster more concentration and productivity. And it can reduce the reliance on artificial lighting. And when shopping for replacement windows in Del Mar, CA it is important to think about light control. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking at new windows.

Window Orientation

Which way are the windows facing? This will have a lot to do with the type of windows you want in each room. The directional light is different during different times of day and during different seasons. For example, light coming through east-facing windows will be bright and cool. It might wake the occupants up early, but it will not heat up the room too much. This is something to keep in mind when you want to get replacement windows.

Window Size

Size is another important factor. Larger windows let in more light and smaller windows let in less light. But also, installing a row of smaller windows can help you get a lot of natural light as well. The size of the window will depend on the amount of room you have and the amount of natural light to fill the space.

Window Style

All windows will let in some level of natural light. But some window styles do it better than others. Picture windows are some of the most popular because of their versatility. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes so homeowners can get exactly what they are looking for. Other window styles that are great for daylighting include awning windows, sliding windows, bay windows, and bow windows. These are often wider windows so plenty of light can filter through.

Window Placement

Window placement is slightly different from the window orientation. Window placement determines where you want the window located on the wall. Do you want it up high, down low, or more in the center? Or do you want it left, right, or in the middle? A lot of homeowners put their replacement windows front and center. But sometimes it is fun to put in a set of corner windows so light can come through on both sides.

Window Tintsreplacement window in Del Mar CA

Another factor in light control is the tint on the glass. There are so many coating options available. And some of them will block radiant heat while allowing plenty of natural light to filter through. Others will block both light and heat for homeowners looking to reduce glare. Definitely something to think about when shopping for windows.

Window Coverings

The last thing to think about when purchasing new windows are the types of window coverings that pair well with your windows. Some windows are easy to cover—like picture windows and sliding windows. These are flush with the wall and do not project outside or at odd angles. Bay and bow windows are great for natural light but do not work with all types of window treatments.

For help getting more light control with replacement windows in Del Mar, CA contact our window experts for a consultation. We can help you find the best windows for the job.

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