Get Your Exterior Ready for Spring

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Winter leaves a lot of dirt and debris on, around, and inside the home. And while most people know about spring cleaning the inside, few people take the time to also prepare the exterior of their home for warmer weather. Smaller projects include turning on the outside water, spraying out the gutters, and power washing the exterior of the home. But with enough damage, you might consider replacing the siding, roofing, or even getting replacement windows in El Cajon, CA.


1. Turn on Outside Water and Reattach Hoses

The first thing you want to do is making sure your outside water is on. Then check the sprinkler system for operation and make note of any leaks or needed repairs. Also, reattach the hoses to your outside spigots so you have water for some of your other outdoor sprucing projects.


2. Clean the Gutters and Downspouts

Next, you want to pull out the ladder and clear the leaves, dirt, and other debris out of your gutters and downspouts. You will want those channels clear when the spring rains come.


3. Inspect Roofing

While you are up on the ladder, you should also take the time to inspect your shingles or roof tiles. Winter storms might have blown some of the panels loose or askew and early spring is a good time to make repairs before more damage can be done.


4. Power Wash Exterior, Decks, Fencing, and Patios

A power washer comes in handy for spring cleaning the exterior of your home. It can help remove the dirt and debris from winter storms that build upon the siding, decks, fences, and patios. Simply start on the lowest setting and spray father away, working your way closer and upping the power where needed so you do not damage your home. That said, do not ever power wash your windows. This can damage the seal and result in window leaks.


5. Check Exterior Vents

Then you want to also check the exterior vents along the foundation or attics. Check for missing or damaged screens. Make sure you remove debris. And lookout for signs of pest infestation or other problems.


6. Clear Debris Away from the Air Conditioning Unit

Another thing you want to do is remove any buildup of debris around your outdoor air conditioning unit. Spray it off with the hose and clean the coils for a more efficient operation.


7. Repair Cracked or Peeling Paint

Another thing you want to do is inspect your wood siding, trim, and fences for any cracked or peeling paint. Sand down the damaged areas and apply a fresh coat to help seal the wood and protect against further damage. This can dramatically improve the longevity of these features so they will last for years to come.


8. Check Weather Stripping

Another thing you want to do is inspect all exterior windows and doors for signs of damage. If you notice a draft coming through, you can replace worn-out weather stripping to enhance the seal and improve energy efficiency.

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9. Seal the Gaps

There are several instances where pipes, wires, or hoses go from the outside to the inside of the home. You want to check these areas and make sure they are well insulated. If you notice any gaps, seal them up with spray foam insulation so you don’t have to worry about leaks, energy loss, or pests.


10. Inspect and Replace Old Windows

Windows tend to wear out and break down with age. Most builder-grade windows will only last about fifteen years before they need to be replaced. If the windows of your home are getting up in years, spring is the perfect time to consider replacement windows.


For more information about exterior maintenance and getting replacement windows in El Cajon, CA contact Pelican Replacement Windows.

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