How Long Do New-Construction Windows Last?

When you buy a brand new home you might assume all of the materials and products are meant to last. Unfortunately, once you spend a couple of years in your home you will start to realize that isn’t always the case. Most builders prefer certain brands and products because the manufacturers give them a discount. They are not always the best quality. So while your new-construction windows may look like any other, problems can show up early and before long you might need replacement windows in San Marcos, CA. So how long do new-construction windows generally last? These are the things you need to know:

What are Builder-Grade Windows?

Most manufacturers create products at different quality levels. They produce high quality products with special features. These windows are stronger, longer-lasting, and more expensive. They also have middle-grade products that are built to a solid standard but are more affordable. And then they have the lowest tier products made with more affordable materials without any special features.

Most construction companies offer different elevations so homebuyers can upgrade products like windows, doors, and fixtures. The cost for these upgrades can seem exorbitant, but the truth is you pay for better quality. A lot of home builders can’t afford the upgrades and decide to stick with the lowest standard products—these are the builder grade windows. They do the job just fine. But they tend to have a shorter lifespan. Luckily by the time they need replacement windows most homeowners are financially prepared for the upgrade.

How Long Do Builder-Grade Windows Last?

There are several factors to consider when determining the lifespan of a product. With windows, you have to account for manufacturing, materials, installation, use, and the local climate. Most builder-grade windows only last 5-15 years. That may seem like a decent amount of time, but the truth is higher quality products last an average of 30 years or more.

What are the Signs it is Time for Replacement Windows?

It might be frustrating to need replacement windows so soon after buying a new home. But how do you know when windows have outlived their usefulness? You will start to notice signs. They will be subtle at first, but become more apparent with time. Initially, windows might be difficult to operate. You may see condensation between the panes or notice a spike in your heating and cooling bills. Another sign is noticing more noise from the outside getting in. If you start noticing these signs it might be time for replacement windows.

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