How To Clean Vinyl Windows Like A Pro – Vinyl Window Cleaning

You should clean your replacement windows regularly to keep them looking like new. This doesn’t mean spraying the glass with cleaner and wiping your windows down with paper towels. 

While vinyl windows are practically maintenance-free, proper care takes a minimal amount of time. Here are the things you need to know from our professionals at Pelican Replacement Windows in San Diego, CA.

Vinyl Window Cleaning –  Tools for Washing Windows

You will need:

Several soft cloths

Soft bristle brush



Mild detergent (baby soap)

Window wash or vinegar and water

Spray bottle


Clean towel

Silicone lubricant

Plastic putty knife

Do not use:

Harsh cleaners or abrasives

High-pressure washers

Razors or metal blades

Furniture polish

Cleansers with bleach

Paint thinners

Liquid grease removers

Steps for Cleaning Vinyl Windows

Here are a few steps on how to clean soft vinyl windows

basic inspection checklist

Step 1. Basic Inspection


Before doing anything, you want to inspect your window and frame. Watch for warping, cracks, or mold. Inspect the screen for rips or cuts. Look for cracks or fogging in the glass. This preliminary check will help you spot problems early and indicate if there is any type of window failure.



remove sash and screens


Step 2. Remove Sash and Screens

If it makes the job easier, remove window sashes and screens and place them on a flat surface. Do what you can to avoid more dirt exposure. It helps to have an extra set of hands for this job because you don’t want to drop the screens or sashes. Also, be careful around the windows. You do not want a child or anyone else to fall through.




clean window frames using soap and sponge

Step 3. Clean Frame and Trim

Mix a mild solution of soap and water to clean the vinyl window frame and trim. First, rinse the area with clear water, then clean it with soap. Use the sponge and soft brush to lift dirt. Promptly rinse with clear water and wipe dry with a lint-free cloth. Try to wash, rinse, and dry quickly. Do not let the water run down and collect or it might pool in the bottom of the window and lead to future damage. For more stubborn stains, you might need stronger cleaning products. If necessary, you can repeat the steps.


cleaning glass window

Step 4. Clean Glass

Use a glass cleaner or solution of vinegar and water. First, rinse the glass surface with clear water, then spray on the cleaning solution. Again, do not allow liquids to run down the window and pool. Rise and wipe dry quickly. For streak-free cleaning, you might consider using newspaper instead of cloth.




wash the screen


Step 5. Wash the Screen

Remove the screens and put them in the tub, shower, or out on the lawn or driveway. Gently spray the screen with water. Do not use a pressure washer! Instead, use a soft stream of clear water and a soft bristle brush. For more stubborn dirt, use a mixture of mild detergent. Once clean, rinse with clear water and allow time to dry.




Step 6. Clean the Tracks and Reassemble

clean tracks and reassemble

Last, but not least, clean out the window tracks before reinstalling. Use the vacuum to clear away dirt, and the plastic putty knife to remove larger obstructions. Clean with mild detergent, rinse, and dry. Lube the track with a silicone spray and wipe with a clean cloth. Carefully replace sashes and screens inside the window. Then test the sash to make sure it moves smoothly. Wipe down and lube any hardware, and you are done.

Have any more questions about proper maintenance for your San Diego vinyl windows? Do not hesitate to call us at 760-598-6422. Think it might be time for replacement vinyl windows? Visit our office at 2210 La Mirada Dr, Vista, CA 92081.


Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Windows Cleaning

What is the best cleaner for vinyl windows?

Cleaning your vinyl windows is easy and can be done with Windex or Lysol. Make sure to spray a small amount of the cleaner onto the window then remove it using a soft cloth.

Clean your windows with vinegar! If you spot mold or mildew, simply mix 30% vinegar to 70% water. This will get rid of it and should help prevent the problem from coming back again in the future.

Bleach can be a great way to clean tough stains. For vinyl windows, mix it at 4:1 with water and apply as you would the detergent solution; then rinse off any excess bleach from your window with clear water!

Best cleaner for white vinyl windows?

Cleaning vinyl windows is easy and safe for the environment. There are two ways to do this: mix a small amount of dish soap with water, or use one-half cup of vinegar mixed into three cups of warm water. Apply any sort of cleaning agent in circular motions until all dirt and debris have been removed from your window panes – be sure not to scrub too hard, as it could damage glass surfaces!

How to clean white vinyl window frames?

Before you clean the glass, gently hose down your entire frame and window. Wash it with mild soap and water or vinegar to remove any dirt or grime that might have been collected there from outside sources like pollen in the air. Once finished, be sure to rinse off everything before moving on to drying!

Don’t use harsh chemicals on your vinyl window, as it will have negative effects. Instead, fill a spray bottle with one part vinegar to two parts water and cover the surface of the frame in this mixture. Let sit for five minutes before gently scrubbing away any dirt or particles that remain using an old toothbrush/scrub brush; then wipe clean with a soft cloth.

These are some of the tips, facts, and advice on how to clean vinyl windows. Contact us for more details and further information.

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