How to Get More Natural Light with Replacement Windows

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Natural light is a key feature in making the home feel larger and more open. And there are so many benefits that come with natural light, including improved health and well-being. All the more reason to get more light into your home. But how can you accomplish it? Did you know, you can use replacement windows in El Cajon, CA as a way to get more natural light into your home? Here are just a few tips you can use if you are looking for more sunlight:

Choose Proper Window Placement

When it comes to natural light, home orientation is everything. The orientation of the home will dictate which rooms will get the best light throughout the day. Rooms on the east side of the home will get the energizing first light of the morning. Installing windows in these rooms will provide great light for the early risers. West facing windows capture more of the warmer afternoon and evening light. These are great areas to install windows if you enjoy the angled light of sunset.

Install Larger Windows

The easiest way to get more natural light into a room is by making the existing window opening a bit larger. You can make it wider. You can make it taller. Or you can do both. But this also means you have to keep the operational style of the window in mind. If you do not want the window to open or close, you can get a custom picture window of almost any size. But if you do want the window to open and close, size is often dictated by the type of style you choose. Casement windows hinge at one side and are often smaller installations because the hinges cannot hope expansive panes of class. But sliding windows are supported all along the track, so these windows come in much larger installation sizes.

Increase the Number of Windows

Another way to add more light to a room is by adding more windows. You can flank an existing window with sidelights, or add transom windows higher up on the wall above an existing window. This gives you a little more versatility and you can come up with your own configuration of windows for the perfect amount of light and ventilation.

replacement windows in El Cajon, CAChoose Projection Windows

Bay and bow windows are larger window installations that project beyond the outside wall of the home. These are great for more light because they can capture rays from the sun at more angles. If you are looking for a window to become the focal point of the room, these are great installations to consider.

Add Skylights

Another way to add more light is by adding skylights to the roof of your home. These windows open up the ceiling so light can shine down throughout the day. They do not compromise privacy and will help limit your reliance on artificial lighting. Skylights can work in the living room as well as bedrooms and bathrooms.

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