How to Keep Replacement Windows Looking New

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Windows are an important feature in the home and impact your daily routines. They let in sunshine and provide ventilation while also insulating against the elements and keeping your home safe. Too soon it may seem like your windows are wearing out and need an upgrade. And replacement windows in El Cajon, CA are a big investment. You want them to last. Here are a few things you can do that will prolong the life of your new windows and keep them looking new for years to come:


1. Routine Cleaning

It all starts with regular cleaning and maintenance. Most modern windows do not require much work. The materials do not warp, rust, rot, scratch, or corrode. Most windows only need some warm water, mild detergent, and a soft cloth to help keep them clean. It is also important to clear the tracks on sliding windows and lubricate the moving parts with silicone spray. Performing a thorough inspection and routine cleaning every couple of months will go a long way in keeping your windows in good repair.


2. Ensure Drainage

A major concern with old windows is water damage. This is why modern windows have weeping systems. They allow moisture to escape so it does not collect on the tracks or leech inside the frame. Unfortunately, weep holes might be obstructed by debris and it is important to check the holes every few months to make sure they are draining. This will help keep leaks at bay and reduce the risk of water damage.


3. Avoid Condensation

Occasional condensation from cooking or showering is common. In most cases, the fog on the windows will naturally dissipate. This isn’t something to worry about. A larger concern is constant condensation forming on the glass or fog forming between the panes of glass. If you notice condensation becomes a regular problem, it might be time to take action against the humidity. Otherwise, moisture will start to cause damage to the structures of the home.


4. Replace Weatherstripping

For most windows, weatherstripping sees the most wear and tear. Ideally, it will seal the moving parts of the window to prevent leaks. But eventually, it wears out. When it does, you can stop by any hardware store for supplies or contact a professional to come and replace the weatherstripping for you. It will improve insulation and help better protect against leaks that can damage the windows.

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5. Check Hardware

Another part of maintenance is inspecting the hardware. Locks, latches, handles, and cranks are all important parts of the window. They ensure smooth operation and provide security. If the hardware is damaged, you should get it replaced as soon as possible. That is the best way to keep windows in good repair and ensure safety and security.


These tips will help prolong the life of replacement windows in Portland, OR and keep them in good repair. For more help finding replacement windows or tips on maintenance contact the experts at Pelican Replacement Windows.

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