How to Make Small Windows Look Larger

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Windows have a significant impact on the appearance and design of a room. And it can be frustrating to be stuck with windows that are smaller than you would like. One solution is to invest in replacement windows in El Cajon, CA, and simply carve out bigger openings. But sometimes that isn’t always a viable solution. Luckily, with a few tips and tricks, you can make smaller windows appear larger. Here are some things you can try:


Avoid Dark or Heavy Curtains

Dark or heavy curtains can make a bold statement, but they also block and absorb a lot of natural light. To open space and make windows feel larger, you want to capitalize on as much sunlight as you can. This often means using sheer or light-colored window treatments that allow a lot of daylight to get through.
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Compensate with Mirrors

Strategically placing mirrors around the space is another way to capitalize on natural light. You can place them underneath or alongside windows to make your windows appear larger. Or you could put mirrors on opposing walls to help reflect more light.


Reposition Your Curtain Rods

Another way you can use window treatments to your advantage is by repositioning your curtain rod. It doesn’t have to sit right above your window and hug the sides of the opening. Instead, place your curtain rod closer to the ceiling and set it 60 to 80 percent wider than the window frame. This will make the curtain look like it is covering more glass and give the illusion of more height and width.


Play with Patterns

To appear tall and slender people avoid wearing horizontal stripes. The same concept can work for your window treatments as well. To add height, employ vertically-oriented patterns that extend from floor to ceiling, drawing the eye upward. To add width, use horizontally-oriented patterns that extend from wall to wall.


Try Interior Shutters

Another way to add interest and really make windows pop is with interior shutters. You can install shutters that overlap with the window frame, giving windows a little extra bulk. And keep in mind, these architectural elements can add style as well as value to your home.


Add Trim and Molding

Another way to make your small windows pop is by adding decorative trim around the frame. You don’t have to choose anything elaborate. A wide and flat piece of trim can add several inches to your window without creating a mismatch of style or functionality.

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Rearrange the Furniture

A small, lonely window high up on the wall can look odd and out of place. But rearranging the furniture to frame and anchor the window can make all the difference. For example, placing a small desk, sideboard, or hall table beneath the window will help frame it and give it purpose, making it a more dominant feature in the design and use of the space.


These tricks and tips can only get you so far. If a small window really doesn’t suit the functionality of the space, it might be time for replacement windows in El Cajon, CA. Contact Pelican Replacement Windows for a hassle-free consultation today.

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