Important Questions to Ask Your Window Salesperson

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Getting new windows is a sizable investment. It isn’t a job you want to pay for twice. To help reduce your risk and make sure you are working with a reputable company for replacement windows in El Cajon, CA, here are some questions you should be prepared you ask your dealer or window salesperson.  

How Long Has the Company Been in Business?  

When it comes to window installation, experience is important. Working with a new company that only has a couple of years of experience could be risky. You want to find a local company with over 20 years of experience. They will know the ins and outs of every project and be prepared to problem-solve on sight should an issue arise.  

Can You Provide References?  

Any reputable company should have a long list of satisfied customers. Not only should you ask to see photos of their recent work, but also a list of references you might to verify customer satisfaction.   

Is the Company Licensed and Insured?  

You want to ask the window dealer if they have a license and insurance to make sure they are a legitimate business in the area and can cover the costs in case of accidental damage. Keep in mind, a business license is for tax purposes. You want to make sure they have a contractor’s license that relates to their training and ability. If they show you any certifications, be sure to follow up with those companies to verify the information. That is the best way to reduce your personal risk.  

Do You Have the Brands and Window Styles I am Looking for?  

Does the company offer the types of products you are looking for? Do they have the brands, styles, and frame materials you are looking for? Do some research and some browsing around. You are sure to find something you like that will complement your home and suit your budget. But if not, is there any point in moving forward?  

Do the Installers Have Special Training?  replacement windows El Cajon, CA

Reliable window companies have their own installation teams that get training directly from the manufacturers. It is the best way to ensure the contractors and installers know the products inside and out, and can seamlessly install the new windows without a hitch. You can ask about documentation for these types of certifications before moving forward with a certain window company.  

What is Included in the Estimate?  

You want to make sure you can avoid any unexpected costs. So ask about the details included in the bid. Full transparency is important if you want to avoid hidden fees. Information should include the cost of products, materials, window removal, installation, and disposal of the old windows.  

What is the Warranty Coverage on Products and Services?  

A good window company will stand by their products and their installation. This will be evidenced in the type of warranty they provide.  

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