Is Spring the Best Time to Get Replacement Windows?

replacement windows in Escondido, CA

If you have decided to get replacement windows in Escondido, CA, then you are probably wondering if spring is the best time to get them installed. The truth is, window installation isn’t seasonal. They can be installed at any time of year and under almost any weather conditions. Even during the cold, winter months. But each season does come with unique advantages and disadvantages. These are important considerations, especially when replacing multiple windows.

Advantages of Replacing Windows in Fall and Winter

One of the leading advantages is scheduling. Because the fall and winter are considered the “off season” of window installation, it is easier to get on the schedule and reserve a time that is more convenient. And because window businesses are not as busy during the fall and winter, lead times on products are not as long. So not only can they get your products faster, but also can get your installation done sooner. And a lot of window dealers offer special promotions during the coldest months of winter as incentives to buyers.

Disadvantages of Replacing Windows in Fall and Winter

One disadvantage of getting windows installed in the colder months is the cold air. During window installation, the home is exposed to drafts, and in winter that means cold air leaking inside. Another disadvantage is the caulking. The calk on replacement windows adheres better at warmer temperatures. Latex and acrylic caulking should only be applied with temperatures between 40 and 80 degrees. But silicone caulking has a little more variance in cold weather because installers can warm the caulk before applying. Finally, you have to consider “movement of the substrate,” or how much the materials expand and contract due to temperature fluctuations.

Replacing Windows in Spring or Summer

Warmer, milder weather is a good reason to install windows in the spring or summer. It makes the installation move quickly and more efficiently. It also means less prep work to insulate against the cold. And most people are able to get time off in the summer, which is more accommodating for window installations.

Disadvantages of Replacing Windows in Spring and Summer

A lot of people avoid window installation in late summer. They are often busy with vacations and back to school. And on top of that, excess heat is also not ideal for caulking. And while there are ways to keep excess heat from entering the home, it isn’t as effective as keeping out the cold. And you also have to remember scheduling is busier in the summer, so it may take longer to receive your windows and get them installed.

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