Is Summer a Good Time for Replacement Windows in San Marcos, CA?

When homeowners start thinking about installing new windows they also need to consider the timing of the project. How long will the project take? Do they need time off of work? What is the best season to install replacement windows in San Marcos, CA? These are important considerations when planning an installation project that can take a couple of days to complete. Here are a few things you should know if you want to get your new windows installed during summer:

Advantages of Window Installations in Summer
Summer is a great time to install new windows. Here is why:

Overall, summer is simply a better time for most home improvement projects

With breaks from school and work, people tend to have more flexibility in summer and more time on their hands

Homeowners don’t have to worry about letting in the winter chill and higher heating bills

During summer people open their windows more often anyway, so having openings in their home during installation won’t have a huge impact on comfort or energy expenses

There is more daylight which gives professional installers the option of extending to summer hours

Installers don’t have to worry as much about working in continual rain or severe weather

Caulking adheres better when it is warm instead of cold

Also, caulking is less likely to crack because of drastic temperature fluctuations

August is an especially good time to schedule window installation because business drops while families are busy with back-to-school preparations

New windows can provide immediate energy savings and prepare your home for the colder months ahead

Disadvantages of Window Installations in Summer
While there are many advantages, there are some drawbacks to installing windows in summer. These include:

Caulking does adhere better when it is warm but does not adhere as well if it is excessively hot or humid, which can happen in late summer

Bugs and pests are more likely to enter your home during the installation process

Excessive allergens in summer are also a concern if homeowners are sensitive to pollen

Because a lot of people schedule window installations for early summer it means less flexibility while scheduling your appointment and can put your project out several weeks

Summers are a busy time for family vacations and outdoor activities, and sacrificing time off for window installation is a bummer

Window installation isn’t actually seasonal. Professional installation teams prepare to handle replacement window projects under all conditions. That said, good weather conditions can make the project faster and more efficient. That is why summer is a good time to install replacement windows in San Marcos, CA. The professionals at Pelican Replacement Windows can advise you on considerations and conditions for all seasons. They can help you find the best time for your new window installation. Call (760) 598-6422 for more information or stop by 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081 to check out some product offerings today.

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