Is Window Condensation Normal?

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Condensation is a common problem on a lot of windows. It can happen when it is cold. It can happen when it is hot. It can happen with old windows. It can happen with windows that are brand new. In truth, not all condensation means you need to get replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA. To tackle condensation it is important to know why it is forming and when you need to worry about it.

What is condensation?

This is the phenomenon when water droplets form on a surface. It occurs when the humidity in the air comes in contact with a cooler surface. The moisture from the warm air condenses, and as the water molecules cluster together they become heavy and stick to the surface in the form of water droplets. If you start to notice condensation on your windows, don’t panic.

Why do you get condensation on the inside of the windows?

As the days grow cold you might start to notice condensation on the inside surfaces of your windows. This will be especially apparent in areas of the home with high humidity like the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. It is relatively normal. The condensation on your windows doesn’t mean your windows are broken or inefficient. That said, too much humidity in the home could result in a breeding ground for mildew and mold. And excessive condensation could damage your window frames if left unchecked. If you experience a lot of condensation in the winter months, it might be time to invest in a home dehumidifier.

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Why do you get condensation on the outside of windows?

Have you ever seen condensation on the outer surfaces of your windows? This is less common but still does not signify a problem with your windows. In fact, it means your windows are doing a good job at preventing heat loss. Cold air from the outside brushes up the warm surface of the windows and the moisture condenses. But not to worry. You don’t even need to wipe them off. Simply allow the windows to air dry naturally. But make sure to check the seal and frames for any gaps that might allow moisture to leak inside.

Why do you get condensation between window panes?

Do you have a smudge of fog that isn’t on the inside or the outside surface of your windows? This is when condensation indicates a problem with your windows. Most insulated glazing units (IGUs) have two or more panes of glass sealed as a single unit. With the seals intact, the IGUs house an inert gas fill meant to improve the insulation. But in some cases, the seals fail and the gas leaks out. It is replaced with regular air that contains moisture, thus the fogging between the glass. These windows no longer insulate as they should and need to be replaced to improve energy efficacy.

Now that you understand some basics about condensation, do you need replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA? If so, contact our experts for a hassle-free quote today.

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