Keep Replacement Windows Looking Like New

replacement windows in El Cajon, CA

Replacement windows in San Marcos, CA can have a huge impact on the aesthetic of your home, both inside and out. They are so crisp and clean, which can be a huge boost to curb appeal. Unfortunately, they won’t stay clean forever. Dust and dirt will start to build up eventually. So if you want to keep your windows looking new, here are some easy maintenance steps you can follow:

1. Inspect Windows Regularly

The first part of window maintenance starts with a quick inspection. Look for any cracks on the glass or condensation caught between the panes of glass. Even on your new windows, you want to make sure nothing occurred during installation that could result in premature leaks and damage. This is also a good opportunity to test the operation of your windows and check all latches and locks. If you don’t notice any damage you can proceed to wash and maintain your replacement windows.

2. Remove and Wash Screens First

Doing this first means you can wash screens and allow them time to dry before reinstalling them. Just be sure you don’t damage them during removal, cleaning, or installation. Be sure to place them on a flat, clear surface. Or prop them up in the shower or tub. Spray them down with clear water, wash them off with mild detergent and a soft cloth, and thoroughly rinse. Leave them to dry while you attend to the other maintenance items and by the time you are done, you should be ready to put them back in place.

3. Use Mild Detergent to Wash Window Frames

There is no need for harsh chemicals, power washers, razor blades, or abrasives. In fact, using these for regular maintenance will surely damage your new windows. Instead, all you need is mild dish detergent, water, a soft cloth, and a towel. Start by washing the frames to remove any dirt and dust. For tougher stains, you can use just the detergent and a soft-bristle brush. Then rinse the rag and wipe down with a clean rag and dry with a towel. This will keep water from dripping down into the window sill.

replacement windows in San Marcos, CA

4. Clean the Glass

For most windows, you can use a generic glass cleaner or a combination of vinegar and water. Spray on the glass cleaner then wipe and polish with a lint-free cloth. Be sure you don’t wash your windows when it is too hot outside, otherwise, the solution will dry up too quickly and leave streaks.

5. Be Sure to Clean and Lubricate the Track

The last thing to do is to use a brush, plastic putty knife, and a vacuum to remove dirt and debris from the window track. This will help ensure a smooth operation and prolong the life of your new windows. You can also spray a silicone lubricant into a rag and apply it to the track and moving parts.

For more tips about maintenance on replacement windows in San Marcos, CA feel free to talk to the experts at Pelican Replacement Windows.

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