How to Make Any Room Feel like a Sunroom with Replacement Windows

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A sunroom connects you with the outdoors and allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature without the hassle of insects and inclement weather. But building an addition for a sunroom can be an expensive renovation. You not only have to include the cost of construction but also a possible addition to your property tax, homeowner’s insurance, and utility bills. Fortunately, there are other options. Instead of building an addition, use replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA to get a similar look and feel.

Key Takeaways:

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a sunroom – the beauty and feel of a sunroom! Instead of investing in costly renovations, explore sunroom replacement windows as an alternative. Learn how to make any room feel like a sunroom with these tips!

  • Choose a space with at least one exterior wall and maybe a ceiling that bumps against the roof.
  • Understand the type of sun exposure you can get from different directions before deciding on the window placement.
  • Give your sunroom the perfect look and feel with just the right mix of window styles.
  • Choose the right glazing technology for any room to generate natural light and save energy.

1. Figure Out the Right Room

To make an existing room feel more like a sunroom you need to choose a space with at least one exterior wall and maybe a ceiling that bumps against the roof. You probably do not want that many windows in a bathroom or bedroom, but you might consider renovating a portion of the kitchen for a breakfast nook. You might also consider turning a smaller den, office, or unoccupied bedroom into a sunroom. Or if you have the budget, you might choose to renovate a larger living space so you can always enjoy sunlight and unobstructed views.


2. Decide on Proper Window Placement

When choosing a room to renovate it is also important to understand the type of sun exposure you can get from different directions. South-facing windows are usually considered best for ample amounts of warm, comfortable sunlight. But for softer, cooler light you might prefer north-facing windows. West-facing windows capture evening light that will set the room alight with spectacular sunsets while East-facing windows capture bright, energizing light from the early morning.


3. Plan the Right Window Styles

Most sunrooms will have walls made almost entirely of windows. But they don’t all need to be huge picture windows and don’t necessarily need to be floor-to-ceiling either. Sliding windows are actually the most popular for sunrooms. They function just like sliding doors and come in much larger sizes. But you can also stack smaller operable windows on top or below picture windows for both light and ventilation. Just keep in mind, windows for a sunroom need to be made from sturdy materials to support larger panels of glass.

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4. Choose the Right Glazing Technology

Ideally, the windows for a sunroom should allow natural light in, but keep heat transfer to a minimum. For this, you need energy efficient glazing options suited for the local climate. It starts with multiple panes of glass. Most insulated glazing units (IGUs) have two panes of glass as a standard. But modern windows can have three panes of glass for added insulation. There are also inert gas fills you can choose to improve insulation against the cold and heat. And lastly, consider Low-E coatings on the glass to keep heat out or prevent heat from escaping. All these technologies combine for the most efficient products possible.


For help figuring out the right room, the right placement, the right style, and the right glazing for sunroom windows contact Pelican Replacement Windows. Our experts can help you find the best replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA for any project or renovation.

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