Popular Window Styles for San Diego, CA

Choosing the right style of window for your home might be more important that almost any other feature. Windows let in natural light, airy breezes, and are often an esthetic focal points of any room. Unlike your window dressings that you can change out, the window styles you decide on are a structural addition to your home. Not sure where to start? Here are a few of the most popular window designs in San Diego, CA and a few of their pros and cons.

Picture Windows

These large, stationary windows let in grand views and the maximum amount of natural light. However, that is about where it ends. These windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They add a nice esthetic, but because they do not open you better have other means of ventilation. Fortunately, you can often pair stationary windows with operable windows, for esthetics and function.

Single Hung Windows

With these standard windows only the bottom part slides up and down, and the top sash remains stationary. They are popular for one main reason—cost. These windows are more affordable when compared to other window styles. Unfortunately they only provide limited ventilation and are more difficult to clean.

Double Hung Windows

These windows feature two sashes that slide vertically, with sashes that might also tilt in and out. While remaining in the frame, these windows can open wide from either the top or bottom, or both allowing for more ventilation. People often choose these windows because they do not protrude outside the exterior or interior of the home. Also, the ability to open and tilt each sash makes them much easier to clean and maintain.

Awning Windows

Like an awning, these windows are hinged at the top and open outward. They allow for significant air flow, but still protect the opening against rain. Many homeowners use these types of windows to brighten small spaces. However, these windows do require more frequent cleaning.

Casement Windows

These hinged windows attach to the frame on one side, and are often operated by a crank. Casement windows can open fully for excellent ventilation. These windows are also the most energy efficient, because the sash fastens securely against the weather-stripping when closed and latched. Very little outside air can get inside. However, with casement windows there are size limitations and they can be more expensive.

Bay or Bow Windows

These windows protrude out from the exterior. Most often these windows are a combination of a stationary window flanked by operable windows to form the bay or bow. They provide increased light, storage, and air flow. They are also a handsome interior and exterior feature. Unfortunately, if these windows require repair you might end up replacing the full unit—which can get expensive.

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