Preparing Your Home for Replacement Windows

replacement windows in Escondido, CA

Getting replacement windows in Escondido, CA is a bit of a process. Once you select your products you have to wait for the manufacturer to make and deliver them. But before installation, there are a few things you can start doing to get your home ready for the window crew. Installation crews are careful to be tidy and respectful of your property. But these are the steps you should start a few days prior to your installation that will help things along. That way the crew can get in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

1. Move Wall Décor and Furniture

You might want to start by moving or removing larger furniture items and wall décor. You don’t want the installation crew wasting any time moving your furniture. And anything in proximity to your windows could get in the way of installation or be prone to accidental damage. So do what you can to pull down any picture or art on the walls and push larger furniture items to the side so workers have full access to the windows.

2. Clear a Walkway

The installation crew will likely be working from both inside and outside the home during window removal and installation. You will want to make sure they can easily get two and from the rooms that require window replacement. That could mean removing hall rugs or anything else that might trip them up while they trek in and out.

3. Put Down Drop Cloths

Window removal does require a bit of demolition. And crews will do what they can to mitigate dust and debris. They will likely use their own drop cloths close to the window openings. That said, it is still advisable for you to take the extra step of covering what you can in the different areas of your home. This will limit dust and debris.

4. Remove Window Coverings

The day before installation, you will want to remove all of your window coverings. This includes removing any rods, hooks, or security bars. If you plan to use the same window coverings again, find some out of the way place to store them until the installation crews are finished. This will really speed up the process because crews will be able to get right to work.

5. Keep Pets and Children Out of the Way

On the day of installation, you will want to have a plan for keeping your pets and children away from the installation sites. You might consider getting them out of the house for the majority of the day.

6. Plan to Give Installers Access

Last, but not least, you need to be around to let the installers into your home. It might sound obvious, but on some occasions, the installers have shown up and had to wait for the homeowner to arrive before they can get inside. This can really slow down the process. You also want to make sure your security or alarm system is deactivated during installation. And if you happen to have window sensors, you should let your security company know your plans for window replacement so they can come out and prepare the site for work and reinstall your sensors once the window project is complete.

For more information about how to prepare for replacement windows in Escondido, CA contact Pelican Replacement Windows. We will answer any questions you might have so the project can run as smoothly as possible.

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