Preparing Your Windows for Spring

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Warm weather might be here to stay, and with it comes a long list of home projects. An important step is getting a head start with window maintenance. Windows play an important role in temperature regulation and ventilation. They also contribute to aesthetics and maintaining the security of the home. And regular spring maintenance will let you know if your windows can go another year, or if it is time for replacement windows in Del Mar, CA.


Why Prepare Windows for Spring?

The cold temperatures and storms of winter can do a number on your windows, especially as windows age. Time and exposure can cause caulk to crack, seals to fail, and frames to rot or warp. So here are a few steps to follow for window maintenance this spring:


1. Check Your Windows

The first thing to do is check all of the windows of your home, both inside and out. Thoroughly check the edges for gaps or cracks. Check the frames for damage or chips. Look for signs of leaks or moisture damage. Test the operation of all windows to make sure they open, close, and latch properly.


2. Clean Window Frames and Sills

After your inspection, you should clean the window frames. They don’t require much. Simply use mild detergent and water to remove any dirt and smudges from the frames. Then rinse with clear water and immediately dry with a towel. With clean frames, you can get a better look around the window frame to make sure there are no gaps or leaks.


3. Clean Window Screens

Next, remove the window screens and place them outside on a flat surface or in the shower or tub for cleaning. Again, use mild detergent, water, and a soft bristle brush to clean the screens. Rinse away the soap and prop up to dry completely before reinstalling the screens. If any of the screens are damaged you can repair or replace them.


4. Clean Window Glass

While the screens dry, clean the window glass with a generic window cleaner or a combination of vinegar and water. Use a lint free cloth to dry and polish the glass. Check for cracks, chips, or fogging between the window panes.


5. Remove Debris

While cleaning your windows you want to make sure all the sliding mechanisms and tracks are clear of dirt and debris. Use a vacuum and soft bristle brush to remove bugs, sediment, or dirt. If something is lodged in the track you can use a plastic putty knife to remove it without scratching the finish.

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6. Lubricate Track and Hardware

Once clear, use a silicone spray to help condition and lubricate the track. But don’t spray directly in the track, or you will likely get overspray all over the parts you have been meticulously cleaning. Instead, spray the lubricant into a cloth and wipe it into the track.


7. Reseal Window Edges

Finally, if the caulk is worn or damaged you can replace it. The same goes for weather stripping. Reseal the interior and exterior for optimal performance.


If during your spring maintenance you find your windows are damaged beyond repair, it might be time for replacements. Getting replacement windows in Del Mar, CA can be easy when you work with the right company. Consider contacting Pelican Replacement Windows.

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