Problems You Can’t Solve with Window Repair

Over time, due to use and exposure to the elements, windows will fall into disrepair. Parts wear out and break down. Materials corrode. Caulking wears out, frames rot or warp, and efficiency declines. And while there are some things you can repair, like damaged weather stripping or minor defects, in some cases, you will need window replacement in San Marcos, CA. Here is some helpful information about window repair and replacement windows.  


Some Problems You Can’t Fix With Window Repair 

Here are just a few problems you may  not be able to correct with window repair:   

Minor Defects 

You can repair defects in the appearance on wood and fiberglass windows using sanding, putty, wood filler, or paint. In fact, you can sand and refinish these products whenever you choose. The same cannot be said for vinyl and aluminum windows. With these you will have to deal with dents, marring and scratches until you are ready for window replacement.   

Stubborn Hardware 

Do you have broken or sticky hardware on your old windows? In some cases these are easy to replace and the cost is pennies compared to the cost of a replacement window. That said, old windows might be outdated enough that it becomes impossible to find replacement parts. Instead, you might need to get a new window.   

Foggy Windows 

Moisture on the exterior surfaces of your windows is not a major problem. It has more to do with temperature changes and humidity, and will usually clear on its own. But condensation between the panes is a problem. This is the result of seal failure on the insulated glazing unit (IGU). Air and moisture have filled the space between the glass and there is no other way to get rid of it aside from window replacement.   

Water Leaks 

Water near the window might come through a sash accidentally left open or from gaps around the frame. And moisture damage can lead to warping, rot, mold, and structural damage. This is not a problem you want to leave for long. Sometimes caulking can be a quick solution to stop water infiltration. But larger leaks will require replacement windows.   

Poor Efficiency 

There is also not much you can do for an old window that is a poor insulator. Luckily window technologies have come a long way in the last decades, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. The only way to take advantage of these upgrades is with replacement windows.   

Warped Frames 

As foundations settle and materials expand and contract due to temperature fluctuations, window frames can warp and tilt. Problems from warping can run anywhere from slightly inefficient to completely useless.  

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