Pros and Cons of Aluminum Replacement Windows

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When searching for the perfect replacement windows in El Cajon, CA, most homeowners don’t understand which window material is right for their home. It can be a lot to take in. To help ease the process, here are some of the pros and cons of aluminum replacement windows.

Pros of Aluminum Replacement Windows

Here are a few of the main advantages of aluminum window frames:

Lightweight and Strong

Aluminum is light in weight but markedly stronger than other materials like wood and vinyl. This strength is what makes aluminum windows so appealing to homeowners.


Aluminum is a material that is easily manipulated. This means you can get aluminum windows in almost any size, style, and shape. If you are looking for more customized window designs, you might consider aluminum as a reliable option.


Aluminum window frames are durable. It takes a lot of force to dent, warp, or corrode these window frames. That is why they are such a reliable window.

Low Maintenance

It doesn’t take much to keep aluminum windows looking new. This is because aluminum windows have an anodized or factory-baked finish.

Narrow Sightlines

Because the material is so strong and resilient, thinner frames can hold more weight. This means narrow sightlines on aluminum windows to match a clean, more modern aesthetic.

Reasonably Priced

Vinyl window frames are the most affordable option on the market. But aluminum windows are a good middle ground. They cost slightly more than vinyl windows but less than the cost of wood or fiberglass windows.

Environmentally Friendly

One important advantage is that aluminum is 100% recyclable. The process of reusing melted scrap aluminum only takes 5% of the energy it would take to remove aluminum from virgin ore. So not only do aluminum windows help you save money and save energy but also save the environment.

Cons of Replacement Windows

These are some of the disadvantages of aluminum windows frames:


When it comes to noise pollution, aluminum windows are not as good as vinyl or wood window frames. If you want your aluminum windows to be more soundproof you might consider investing in cladding the aluminum windows and getting special coatings to help block noise transfer.

High U-Value

One reason aluminum windows are not as popular is because of the high U-value. When the sun shines on these metal window frames they become hot to the touch. You want to make sure you invest in aluminum windows with thermal breaks if you want products that are resistant to this type of thermal transference.

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This actually relates to how the metal material conducts heat. Aluminum and glass have vastly different thermal expansion and contraction rates. This puts a lot of pressure on the flexible seals used on aluminum windows. It isn’t uncommon for these seals to wear out, which causes fogging between the window panes.


The anodized coating on window frames protects them against moisture infiltration. But if that coating is scratched, the material beneath will start to corrode. Also, aluminum windows are not impervious to prolonged exposure to saltwater or sea air.

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