Reasons to Swap Your Builder-Grade Windows

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Having issues with the windows in a relatively new home? It may be because of the little-known issue of inferior builder-grade windows. While new windows on a new home may look good at first glance, these options do not usually provide the highest level of quality and performance. As a result, the home could be at a greater risk of leaks, inefficiency, and endangerment. So even if a home is only five years old, it still might be time to start thinking about replacement windows in Del Mar, CA.

What are Builder-Grade Windows?  

To put it simply, builder-grade windows are lower-quality products builders install in new homes. These standard windows allow builders to save money on construction and speed through the installation process.

How Long Do Builder-Grade Windows Last?  

Because builder-grade windows are lower quality, they do not have the longevity of most other replacement windows. Most builder-grade windows only last five to ten years. In contrast, most replacement windows last 15 to 30 years depending on the product materials and quality.

Reasons to Swap Builder-Grade Windows 

Here are some of the many reasons why you should think about getting higher quality replacement windows as soon as possible:


Frequent leaks are a common problem for builder-grade windows. And it isn’t an issue homeowners can afford to ignore. Moisture getting into the home can cause mold growth. It can also ruin walls, floors, and the substructures of the home.


Builder-grade windows come in standard sizes and colors with no upgrades. This means most windows will not feature tilt-in or removable sashes for easy cleaning and maintenance. These types of windows will prove almost impossible to keep clean without the use of a ladder.


Ever noticed fogging on builder-grade windows? It isn’t always something to worry about. Condensation is simply the result of excess humidity in warm air coming in contact with a cooler surface—just like a bathroom mirror after a shower. But fogging between the panes is an issue homeowners shouldn’t ignore. It indicates a broken seal and is a common problem for builder-grade windows.

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In addition to moisture leaks, air leaks are another common issue with sub-standard widows. Air infiltration can cause certain rooms in the home to always feel decidedly hot or cold depending on the temperatures outside. And while there are temporary solutions homeowners can use to plug up the leaks, eventually, they will need replacement windows.

Noise Pollution 

Noise pollution is often the result of low-quality windows. Modern windows come with several different technologies homeowners can choose from to help limit noise. This includes adding an extra pane or upgrading to laminated glass specifically designed to reduce sound transmission. Builder-grade windows do not include these upgrades.

Difficult Operation 

Cheaper products used in the home often correlates to broken parts and difficult operation. Homeowners need windows to open and close easily. It is a matter of safety as much as it is about convenience.


Poor quality products mean poor insulation. With just a few upgrades, homeowners could save hundreds on their heating and cooling expenses each year.

Security Risk 

Builder-grade windows will pry open or pop out with very little effort. Homeowners shouldn’t put their family at risk in this way.

If you still have builder-grade products on your home it might be time to upgrade to replacement windows in Del Mar, CA. For more information about better quality products, contact our experts today.

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