Replacement Windows Put an End to These Worries

replacement windows Del Mar CA

Old windows create a lot of different worries. But these concerns disappear the moment you invest in replacement windows in Del Mar, CA. Here are just a few of the most common problems you can solve with new windows.

Expensive Energy Bills

As windows age, they start to lose some of the properties that make them energy efficient. Seals wear out and break down. Inert gas fills between the panes tends to dissipate. Warping can result in gaps between the sill and the frame. All of these minor issues combine to decrease insulation and efficiency. And all of that can add up to costly energy bills that only get worse from year to year. New windows come with modern technologies for optimal efficiency so you can put these worries to rest.

Security Concerns

Old, dilapidated windows can pose a security risk. Think about the rusty locks and latches that won’t do much to stop an intruder. Updating to new windows will allow you to invest in multi-point locking systems for even greater peace of mind.

Safety Issues

Safety is another major worry with old windows, especially windows that do not have reinforced frames and laminated glass. The glass on old windows can shatter into large, dangerous shards. But laminated glass is meant to remain mostly in the frame, even if shattered. And it takes a lot more strength to break through the tempered glass on most modern windows. These are some of the best ways to improve safety in the home.

replacement windows Del Mar, CA

Foggy Glass

Fogging between the panes on old windows is more than a mere nuisance. It means the seals on the insulated glazing unit have failed. The window no longer contains the insulating gas between the panes and heat can more easily transfer in and out of the home.

Difficult Window Operation

Windows should open and close smoothly. But as windows age, they can begin to warp. That paired with grime and buildup can result in sticky window operation. This may not be much of a concern until you need to use an egress window as an exit in an emergency. What happens if you can’t get the window open? It could be disastrous. With new windows, you ensure easy operation, as all the new windows will open and close with very little effort. One less thing to worry about.

Outdated Aesthetics

Windows have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of the home. They influence the aesthetics both inside and outside the home. And old, worn-out windows will make the home look shabby. This becomes more of a concern if you hope to sell your home in the next few years. Upgrading to new windows will give the home a facelift. The investment will also attract the attention of prospective buyers and increase the value of the home.

So many worries stem from older windows. Put them to rest by investing in the best replacement windows in Del Mar, CA. Contact our professionals today for help finding the right products for the right price.

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