San Diego Window Style Guide

When choosing the style of replacement window you’d like for your San Diego home, the most important factor to keep in mind is functionality. Where is this window? What purpose does it have? What purpose do you WANT it to have?

Here is a reference list to help you decide what window is best for you.

Awning Windows – Usually hinged at the top, swinging outward, you see awning windows most often in basements or attics. With this window you can keep the window open and the rain out!

Bay and Bow Windows – You know those windows with a bench that are made into cozy reading nooks? Or the big welcoming windows in the front of some homes that span across the whole front of the home? Those are bay and bow windows. What’s the difference? A bay window consists of three windows; usually a picture window and two side windows built in to one unit. Bow windows are usually made up of four or five smaller windows that give a more rounded outward appearance. A window expert can help you determine what is best suited for your needs. This is a unique and fun option that can add a ton of character to any home.

Casement Windows– a casement window is the most common style of window. Similar to a door, they are attached to one side and the “sash” (the window part) swings open outward by using a crank or handle. These can vary in size but operate the same.

Picture Windows – picture windows are often large in size. They do not open, but provide full views and great light. These windows may not be the most practical but they add a lot of beauty and character!

Single and Double Hung Windows– these are also a very common and traditional style of window. A single hung window has a sash (the glass window) that moves up and down. With a double hung window both the upper and lower sash can be moved up and down. The double hung can also be opened inward which makes for easy cleaning. These are common in bedrooms and living rooms.

Slider Windows – Slider windows tend to be squarer than single and double hung windows (which are commonly taller than they are wide). The difference here is that they slide side to side instead of vertically. They can be harder to clean as they do not hinge open like a double hung window, but they provide easy operation and unobstructed views.

Custom Made Windows– with technology and innovation growing each day, it is now possible to create nearly any kind of window. A qualified San Diego, CA windows  contractor will be able to tell you whether or not your vision will suit your needs. Either way, windows have become more and more unique as time goes on.

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